Bourgeois 2nd BB Concerto final movement

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  1. davetubaking

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    I've uploaded my performance of the last movement which can be found here.

    This last movement is called March although it's a distant relative of the marches you're likely to hear in most BB concerts. It does however have an inexorable forward motion and a definate steady tramp to the end. There are several huge climaxes and the most ridiculously difficult ensemble bell like passages which of course here are in perfect rhythmic precision - a sure give away that it's not a real performance - but then I'm not trying to imitate a real band but provide a different listening experience to an otherwise unperformed brass band masterpiece.

    The first movement can be heard here and the second movement here.
  2. James Yelland

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    To quote Elgar Howarth (as best as I can remember): "...(Bourgeois) pinning our ears back with a sound that is Shostakovich".

    It was on the strength of that comment that I started listening to Shostakovich (and because I liked the Bourgeois). Glad I did.
  3. davetubaking

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    Yes there's some shostakovitch in Bourgeois early BB works. Interestingly about the second movement he said to me he was trying to outdo Messiaen! Not sure I would have guessed that although the second movement must be about as dissonant and agressive as Bourgeois got in any of his BB works.
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    Happy memories of this piece, thankyou Dave. I'll say it again - why hasn't this piece been recorded?!!!!!!
  5. davetubaking

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    I'll join that chorus.

    Interestingly an MD has contacted me to say he's really keen to get his band to take this piece on with a view to performance and possible recording. Lets wait and see:D
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    I have a recording circa 80's, first time Brass Bands were invited to the Proms I think. Black Dyke and Grimethorpe massed bands. Just waiting for the RNCM Festival Bourgeois celebration - PH hint
  7. KMJ Recordings

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    Just out of interest, have you tried emailing Paul and asking him whether that might be a possibility?