Boston Brass and the Brass All-Stars Big Band

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    New CD on Summit Records from the US, The Stan Kenton Christmas Carols, just in time for the festive season a recording that is quite simply awesome and deserves a home in any collection.

    Boston Brass one of the premier stateside ensembles have assembled a plethora of elite brass artists, including from Canadian Brass (Jens Lindeman - Trumpet, Jeff Nelsen - Horn), Empire Brass (Scott Hartman - Trom) and from the Brass Band of Battle Creek the only british star (Mark Frost - Bass Trombone) plus rhythm section to lay down a fabulous recording that has real panache, energy and class.

    It would be churlish to single any one out in this class ensemble but the french horn and trumpet playing is simply outrageous at times topped off by bass trombone playing that adds the icing on a brilliant christmas cake !

    This is a must hear for any music lover and should become a genuine classic, fantastic scoring and brilliantly executed.

    Check it out and its available from
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    couldnt agree more with those sentiments my equine friend!! world class recording, unbelivable playing and arranging, with a gem of British Bands in the mix. great stuff