Borrowing for the Regionals?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by OneTonBass, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. OneTonBass

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    Do you think that bands should be allowed to borrow for the regionals?

    I'm pretty sure there are players out there who are signed for bands who are not able to play. e.g Staines/Alliance/Abergavenny etc
    As well as players who may be surplus to the bands that are competing.

    Would it be a good idea for those players to be borrowed by other bands rather than not playing or jumping ship to another band just for the opportunity to play at the regionals.

    Some sort of Cup tie rule would work and allow surplus players the opportunity to play.

    This might encourage fringe players back into the fold, in addition to preventing bands who cannot compete to having the jumping ship syndrome.

    Your thoughts on this subject appreciated.
  2. Redhorn

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    Or players who cancel their registration with an existing band in order to sign for one of the above, only to find out a few days later that they've then withdrawn from the areas!....

    Grrrr...... :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Having said that- ive had two L&SC bands approach me in the last 2 days to ask if I can play for them on Saturday or Sunday!!! Unfortunately ive had to say 'no' to both, as it would mean signing for them, and not being able to transfer out again until the end of the year.

    So, 'yes'- there perhaps should be some sort of system where players perhaps can just be signed 'for the day' and would mean they are cup-tied for any other Regional competition.
  3. Texus

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    I have sympathies for players in certain situations, especially as above. However, I am a firm believer that a band stands for itself at the Areas. If you are signed then you can't play for others at Major contests. If we go down the barrow road for players then we will only see the continuation of bands such as Staines and Alliance wasting the time and reputation of an area. Tequila fuelled rant over for the mo!
  4. johnmartin

    johnmartin Active Member

    Because the regional contest is what counts towards your national grading I do not believe that we should go down the route of substitute players being allowed.

    Having said that, however. I do see that we could maybe have scope for a loan rule. The main example I have in mind is for students who may be signed with their hometown band but on loan to a term time band when they are away at Uni.
  5. Souter

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    Agree with point 1 but not point 2.

    Everyone knows when the regionals are and should build a band towards that date. No loaning system - the player could sign for the duration of the university education and then go back to their hometown band after that date. That is the way my band has had to cope with players leaving to go to University.
  6. johnmartin

    johnmartin Active Member

    Only meant in general Souter, not for the regionals. I believe in no guests at the regional contest.
  7. a very flat b

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  8. Redhorn

    Redhorn New Member

    Not necessarily.....

    It just could be that the player in question is registered to a band, but not due to play with them at that contest..... or maybe hasnt played for some time, but the band still holds his/her registration.
  9. Certainly think there should be something like a temporary transfer for a player who wants to play at the areas but dosn't want to remain with that band. If a players left without a band to play with at the areas they should be able to help out someone else without signing for them full time, of course. Seems stupid that this system isn't already in place although it should only be used if that players band is 100% definatly not entering.
  10. Chunky

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    I feel that as people have said, the Areas determine your grading, so therefore borrowed players should not be allowed for the area.

    The problem as I see it is in the rules. You cannot transfer back to your original band within 6 months. However you can have your registration cancelled and then re-sign for your original band as a new registration. Till that loophole is closed people will be able to jump ship as and when they please.
  11. a very flat b

    a very flat b Member

    I am refering to those that are an active member of the band who hold there registration.
    I know that bands will have inactive players registration and in some cases they are asked in the late stages to register with another band, that gives me no problem.
  12. johnmartin

    johnmartin Active Member

    We closed that loophole in Scotland a year or two back. You now have to have been de-registered for a period of at least 4 weeks prior to signing for any other band. i.e. if a band drops your card any other band can still pick it up as a new registration but that registration will not take effect until 4 weeks from the date the card was dropped.
  13. Chunky

    Chunky Active Member

    Thats a great idea as it stops people jumping ship at the last minute.
  14. Ipswich trom

    Ipswich trom Member

    You can, but not if you had signed for a different band after first cancelling!

    18 A player whose registration with a band has been cancelled and who has joined a new band shall not
    re-join any previous band until a period of SIX MONTHS has elapsed from the date on which his
    registration with that previous band was cancelled.​
  15. Leyfy

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    Just not in your case - eh, redhorn?!?!?

    (its okay, you can thump me tomorrow ;) )
  16. Redhorn

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    Might be, might not! ;-)
  17. alangiff3

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    There has been some re
  18. Pastit

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    The rules state that even if your card is cancelled, you cannot rejoin a previous band for six months, so it's the same as transfers. (That's how I read it anyway)
  19. Ipswich trom

    Ipswich trom Member

    It doesn't quite say that. See my earlier post in this thread. It actually says A player whose registration with a band has been cancelled and who has joined a new band shall not
    re-join any previous band until a period of SIX MONTHS has elapsed from the date on which his
    registration with that previous band was cancelled. As long as you have cancelled but not registered for anyone else you can rejoin your old band!
  20. alangiff3

    alangiff3 Member

    There has been a lot of withdrawals recently, perhaps due to too may empty seats to fill.

    This causes problems with a band notbeing able to do justice to themselves and the test piece.

    What if, just whatif, you could adapt the Sickness rule and use the player from the previous band to dep for you, up to 4 players.

    The result would be that atleast you can get there and not end up with last place + 1 as your rankings score. You get a better score by having 5 people turn up, warm up and leave the stage at least last place is less than last place + 1

    As a secretary would like to see the Cancel and Register "loop-hole" removed and transfers being immediate, but with cant go back to you old band rule for 6 months still inplace.

    I have a player registered with my 4th section Band who could not play for Tradegar (Champ Secition), who have or may have to withdraw due to too many empty seats.

    A previous Cancelled registraition within the 12 months was not shown on his card. This only came to light after the details were sent to the Registry and the Regstration was denied, this of course lost Tradegar 2 weeks in attemting to fill that seat. It may not be the reason, but I bet it contributed. Both Tradegar and Myself were unaware of the registration prior to the Transfer to my band.