"borrowed" percussion at the area

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by bigcol, Feb 2, 2004.

  1. bigcol

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    I've heard a few people telling me different things about "borrowing" percussion for the areas - one person has told me you can borrow percussion, another has said that if you supply a sicknote you can borrow percussion from any other band.

    Now as far as I know the rules are the same for brass players - you cannot borrow at all, and if someone puts in a sicknote you can borrow the player in the same seat from the band before you.

    I'm right am i? Or have I missed something here?
  2. Lauradoll

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    Think that bit's right. Can't see how you could borrow percussion but not brass players, they are all members of the band and are players. Think someone's having you on.
  3. McEuphie

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    Generally standard percussion (Timps, snare-drum/kit, bass drum) is provided for the areas but other extras eg glock need to be provided by the bands themselves - sometimes if you know the band playing before you, you may be able to negotiate that they leave their gear on stage for you to use (saves time setting up etc) but I don't know of anything official on "borrowing" gear.

    On the player front, some contests allow borrowing from other bands for the day but not the areas - if a sick note is presented then you do have the option of that position from the band playing before you.

    Hope this adds some clarity to the mud!
  4. McEuphie

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    Sorry Bigcol

    Didn't realise that you meant borrowing percussion "players" (it is Monday).
    No you can't borrow any players for the areas. However a lot of bands bring in percussionits for contests but they still need to be registered with that band.

    Happy days.
  5. Smid

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    You can't borrow percussionists for the Area contests, must be registered players.

    Normal rules for a brass band contest like the Area are 25 brass players and 3 percusionists!

    This has been or is being questioned by many first section bands as Coventry Variations uses 4!

  6. Roger Thorne

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    Hi Smid,

    Welcome to The Mouthpiece.com.

    The rules actually state:
    a maximum of 25 brass players plus percussionists as required.



    A percussion section......A percussion section......My Kingdom For A`percussion section!

    I think most bands are unfortunately in the same boat when it comes to the percussion section and the cheque book!

    Whinging again!
    Jigby Whinges Band
  8. eric

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    It would be a good idea on some test pieces to allow borrowed percussion if it was necessary to perfrom the piece. :D


    Eric, surely if there is a perc part on the score, then the part is necessary to perform the piece? I'm not sure that the adjudicators would only take 1 point for an entire one, two, three, parts being missed.

  10. jo

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    would you want to borrow players from bands that arent competing or just make the poor sods from the bands who are lucky/rich enough to have a full complement of sheds play for you on the day? I for one wouldnt want to be "borrowed" after playing with my own band unless it was for the standard "player taken ill" reasons. (thank federation for the rule book!!!) :D
  11. eric

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    Thanks for stating the obvious !
    What i mean is on some test pieces there are percussion only passages. Do you have say 8 bars of silence or have a borrowed percussionist ?
    Where a piece can be played without then things are different.
  12. eric

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    Just to expand my point a little, there are some bands that could contest but without that vital percussion part they are thwarted. If they were short of brass players it would be different. After all it is a BRASS BAND contest.
  13. jo

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    and percussionists arent counted by you as part of the brass band? then why do we bother to register? dont really see the difference myself....although if you look at a couple of other threads other bands use spare brass players to cover missing shed parts as apparently anyone can play percussion:?
  14. jambo

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    Your view would have been valid about 70 years ago, however, its plainly obvious that given todays test pieces, percussion are vital to most contest performances. Perc are part of todays brass band and, although they can be hard to come by, they are a must.
    Anyway, most bands are in the same boat re missing players, and not just perc...it not easy, but you manage... you have to.
  15. Accidental

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    FWIW, Tristan is subtitled "Prelude and Transfigurations for Brass Band and Percussion", so I think that means they're a pretty vital part of the band.
  16. drums4monty

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    I'm new to tMP and so this is my first entry. Although the subject on percussion has'nt had any posts for a couple of weeks I thought I would add my thoughts, being a percussionist in a 3rd section band.

    First of all I think you will find all relevant percussion equipment is now supplied, at least in the North of England it is, and Ray Payne does a fantastic job throughout the day.

    Second, it really bugs me that percussion in the lower sections ar'nt generally marked by the adj, or it seems to me. Yes you might get the odd comment but we are not marked as say the cornet section is.

    I'm a percussionist of reasonable standard, there has not been a test piece in the 5 years I've been brass banding (I did 24yrs in the Army as a musician) that I could not play, Vizcaya is no exception, I can play the parts no problem. I make sure my other two percussionists to the best of their ability, play their parts also. Yet I've heard some terrible percussion playing and their bands get placed above us, and thats not because my band is bad. If a cornet or other section played bad then the results would reflect that.

    I agree with whats been said, if a percussion part is written then its important and should be marked along with the other sections in the band. Just because we are lower section's it does'nt mean we are bad.
  17. WoodenFlugel

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    I can remember doing a contest on "Vizcaya" which has a HUGE percussion part, and the adjudicator came out of the box and said "I've ignored the percussion because that part is almost impossible for this level of band" :roll:
  18. drums4monty

    drums4monty Member


    It's not easy, but the piece was chosen so it shoud be marked. Why sould I, and other percussionists, who can play the part be unmarked? I put a lot of practice in to make sure I can play the parts. Makes you wonder why we bother.
  19. PeterBale

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    Re the question of what percussion equipment is supplied, I noticed yesterday that the London & Southern Counties website now lists what they are providing for each section.
  20. ukdrummerboy

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    It isnt just in the "lower" sections that percussion goes un-noticed. I've played many in the Championship section (and 1st section) and the percussion is hardly ever mentioned (if at all). To me, we're just as important as the cornet section (maybe even more, as every note we play is a solo :wink: ) and your right, there's nothing worse than putting in countless hours of practice to make sure the part is right and never getting a mention. I've known loud clash cyms come in in the wrong place, and not even that has been mentioned!!!