Born and Bred

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Brian Bowen, Jan 12, 2005.

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    In recent months I’ve been watching on American TV the BBC series “Born and Bred” (it comes on right after “Monarch of the Glen”). Currently, our episodes date back to 2002. Like a number of other British TV series it features beautiful north-country scenery, local dialects, and plenty of wholesome nostalgia. Does anyone know where “Born and Bred” is actually filmed/vidioed? I think it’s probably in northwest brass-band country (Lancashire?).
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    sorry, my mistake.......;-)
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    Defently nowon can sing hymns as good as the welsh for starters!, and the welsh have Max Boyce!!
    Singing on the band buses not the same with english bands! its breaded into the young welsh brass players from there dayes in the NYBBW, and off course the home of the Steriophonics, Manic street preachers all with banding links,
    Now Im babling on!!
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    You are right of course, I suspect God got the hilly bits as an unwanted Christmas present and just decided to stick them on the side in the hope that they'd fall off eventually and not make the place look so untidy. :) Didn't someone try to arrange that recently?

    I think he had a problem with peoples' spelling and grammar there as well or maybe the extra fingers just get in the way when you are typing? :biggrin:
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    I now I now Im the worse speller around!!!

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    Those of us in God's ACTUAL country, The Land of the Prince Bishops, will just sit quietly until you all come round to our way of thinking...

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