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  1. Borfeo

    Borfeo Member

    I know this is fast becoming a well worn thread on TMP, but who's going to be attending the Borders contest in picturesque Innerleithen on 15th Nov.

    Don't know the bands that are going so would be interested to see who'll be there.

    I'm there with Newlands Concert Brass, should be a good day out (4 pubs in total in the town I've heard :? )
  2. floral_dance

    floral_dance Member

    I might be there helping out Clydebank, still to be confirmed.

    By the way enjoyed your solo at Whitburn.
  3. James McFadyen

    James McFadyen New Member

    I am going!!! :wink:

    That is, if you don't already know what band I play for, is Tullis Russell Mills Band!
  4. BigD

    BigD Member

    There are more drinking establishments than you mention in Innerleithen! Sure you will try most of them, I have!!!
    I think the bands attending are:

    Annan Town (APD) Band
    Barrhead Burgh Band
    Campbeltown Brass Band
    Clydebank Burgh Band
    Dumfries Town Band
    Flimby Saxhorn Silver Band
    Hawick Saxhorn Band
    Jedforest Instrumental Band
    MacTaggart Scott Loanhead Band
    Newland Concert Brass Band
    North Ayrshire Band
    Peebles Burgh Silver Band
    Selkirk Silver Band
    Shotts St. Patrick's Brass Band
    St. Ronan's Silver Band
    Tullis Russell Mills Band

    From that list I think I'm right in saying that North Ayrshire have withdrawn, as have Annan.

    Should be a good contest, knowing the people involved it should be well organised. The draw was made today but cant really remember many of them!


    Davy McLeod (Conductor, St. Ronans)
  5. BigD

    BigD Member

    Borders Entertainment Full Results:

    1st - St. Ronan's Silver 185
    2nd - Barrhead Burgh 181
    3rd - Jedforest Instrumental 178
    4th - Lochgelly 174
    5th - Campbelltown Brass 172
    6th - Selkirk Silver 171
    7th - Clydebank Burgh 168
    8th - Tullis Russell Mills 166
    9th= - Newland Concert Brass 164
    9th= - McTaggart Scott Loanhead 164
    9th= - Dumfries Town 164
    12th - Hawick Saxhorn 163
    13th - Shotts St. Patrick's Brass 162
    14th - Flimby Sahorn Silver 161
    15th - Peebles Burgh Silver 156

    Best 4th Section - Newland Concert Brass
    Best 3rd Section - Jedforest Instrumental
    Best 2nd Section - St. Ronan's Silver
    Most Entertaining Band - St. Ronan's Silver
    Best Soloist - Xylophone - Hawick Saxhorn

    Think these are acurate! David McLeod - Slightly tipsy conductor - St. Ronan's Silver Band. Well done to Mark B - another TMP patron and conductor of Newland Concert, winners of the 4th section!
  6. Moy

    Moy Active Member

    Well done David....will pass the results onto David James. I am sure he will be pleased to see how well you have done. :wink:
  7. BigD

    BigD Member

    Thanks Moira. First contest in second section so band are VERY happy and very hungover this morning!
  8. Borfeo

    Borfeo Member

    Thanks David, the band were thrilled at the win, especially after all the problems we've had in the past month or so (Band hall broken into, registration hiccups etc.) and I'm delighted as it was my first win as a wagger :D

    Also thank you to the contest organisers who were so helpful before we went on stage, they did a brilliant job.

    Well done to St Ronans, a band that's making a big mark lately.
  9. BigD

    BigD Member

    Thanks Mark!
  10. BreadOfHeaven

    BreadOfHeaven Member

    Well done David. Didn't get to hear the Band as we were rehearsing but I gather it was a very good performance.

    We were quite pleased with our performance but there you go. That's contesting!!

    See you in March!

    Flugel Horn,
    Barrhead Band
  11. BigD

    BigD Member

    Thanks for that. Didn't hear other bands as I seemed to develope a real thirst after we'd played, just about the time of the Scotland game. Funny that!

    Thanks again,

  12. Normans

    Normans New Member

    Well done Big Man and also to Mark Bell at Newlands. Sorry I couldn't be there as I had a rather pressing engagement helping Whitburn at Hampden, doing the best we could annoying the Dutch team and supporters. We played the Dutch National Anthem 3 times when apparently (we only found out later, honest) there are only 2 verses :D :D :D
  13. BigD

    BigD Member

    Thanks Alan.
  14. floral_dance

    floral_dance Member

    Well done St Ronans

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