Borders Entertainment Contest 31 October

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  1. bbg

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    Perthshire are venturing south of Edinburgh to take part in this contest for the first time this Saturday. The pre-draw has given us a late slot, so we can leave at a sensible hour rather than the feared 7am had we been "early doors".

    Anyone out there know much about the venue from a playing / warm up facility point of view? From the Church's own website, looks like a traditional "old" building - has it been renovated? Decent acoustic? Coach parking nearby?

    May see a tMper or two - or may not, as one disadvantage of a pre-draw is bands turning up at an allotted time, playing, and leaving, as we are late on there's every chance we may still be around at results time.
  2. Borfeo

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    From what I've managed to glean. There's a place across the road for instruments/cases, a warm up room next to the church and I believe it is a fairly normal church accoustic.

    Hope that helps any
  3. Helloooo!

    Unfortunately, Annan have had to withdraw this year. I was going to come up for a listen but, I've now got something else on.

    The church is on the main street in Peebles I seem to recall so not entirely sure about parking but, I do vaguely remember if you go across the bridge there is parking across the other side of the river.

    Hope all goes well for you B :)
  4. bbg

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    Thanks Rachael - just have to make sure our perc team have all their toys with them seeing as they can't "borrow" from your good self!!
  5. Souter

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    Bands taking part on Saturday :-

    1st Section - Newtongrange & St. Ronans
    2nd Section - Jed, Perthshire, Shotts & Selkirk
    3rd Section - Coalburn, Mactaggarts, Irvine & Buckhaven
    4th Section - Peebles, Langholm, Penicuik, Queensferry, Dysart & Backworth Colliery.

    Should be a good day.

    Peebles has tons of pubs!!!! My recommendation is the Truss, which is at the other end of the high street, turn left and across the road just before the Bridge Starts. It has a huge heated beer garden and the drink is cheap (that is where Peebles Band Drink). Good food as well - the chippy is particularly good.
  6. brianatb

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    I think Dumfries Town Band 4th Section are going:clap:
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    Excellent way to encourage bands to go and listen to each other! :rolleyes:
  8. bbg

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    Thanks for replies guys - looks a tidy line-up - nae Dalkeith & Monktonhall though so the DMBabe won't be there? Awww............

    Our very last day in 2nd Section before we're returned to the 3rd on Sunday after our experience at Dundee in March - onwards and upwards though.........
  9. bbg

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    Oops - meant to say a big thanks to Alan Fernie for his very informative PM - have replied via the same format.
  10. Andy_Euph

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    Any idea what time the results will be?
  11. bbg

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    Not long back in from an enjoyable trip.
    Results were at around 7 - can't recall offhand the full list, but Newtongrange won, Shotts and Coalburn 2nd /3rd, these 3 the respective best in their sections with Langholm best 4th section.
    Soloist prize to the horn player from Irvine & Dreghorn, think Coalburn got entertainment prize.

    We came 11th - not too bad considering that we almost withdrew last night, when a solo cornet player was rushed into hospital with appendicitis to go with all our other absentees - ended up with only 7 cornets.

    Very interesting and honest remarks from all three adjudicators - the inimitable Mr Richard Evans, John Boax and entertainment judge Paul Drury - and from Borders Association chair, a certain Mr Alan Fernie.

    Big thanks to all for a well run day - our "supporters" were very complimentary about their welcome and treatment, with suggestions for cafes etc and general directions given willingly.
  12. DMBabe

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    Awwwww indeed. Have played at the borders contest 3 times but never with my own band, always in the cunning disguise of Marigold the Uberdep! Was aksed again this year but unfortunately I'm stuck working as penance for daring to ask for a long weekend to get all Pontastic! Worry not Brian am sure I'll be able to irk and irritate you in due course......;)
  13. bbg

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    You were gey close to being asked again late on Friday night after our latest cornet player dropped out 'cos of appendicitis - but reckoned that there was every chance you'd be working, as it turned out our friend and former player, Scott Barker, was adjudicating the Youth bands earlier in the day so he was happy to help out.
    Need to think of a new nickname for him now - "Marigold" - maybe not............!!

    Again, big thanks to the registration folks for their understanding when being presented with such a last-minute depping request. Contest was friendly and well-run, hope to be back with a full line-up next year.
  14. Gorgie boy

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    Other results I remember include best basses and percussion for Newtongrange, and best instrumentalist went to the flugel player from Coalburn. Best cornet went to principal cornet from Shotts.

    Very enjoyable first stab at adjudicating for me, and did it at very short notice so didn't have time to get nervous about it!

    Scraped my car against a bollard on the way out of the church, and made a bit of a mess of it, so a small downside to what was otherwise a fun day out!!
  15. Aurora771

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    Nice friendly contest, first time I've taken part in it. Enjoyed playing in the Church.

    Congrats to our horn player at Irvine for getting best soloist, wooo! :clap:

    It was good to hear that no pieces were repeated. 73 pieces played at the contest, all different. Must have been nice for the adjudicators.