Borders Entertainment Contest 2014

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  1. Thought I would get the ball rolling and open a thread for the Borders this year... Who's all going?! This will be my first contest in 4 years!
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    RESULTS Borders Contest

    1 Tullis Russell Mils
    2 Shotts St Patricks
    3 Irvine & Dreghorn
    4 St Ronans Silver
    5 Langholm Town
    6 Selkirk Silver
    7 Annan Town
    8 Jeforest Instrumental
    9 Tullis Russell Intermediate
    10 Hawick Saxhorn
    11 Buckhaven & Methil Miners
    12 Barrhead Burgh
    13 Penicuik Silver
    14 Peebles Burgh
    15 MacTaggart Scott Loanhead
    16 Bon Accord B
    17 Creetown Silver

    1st Prize: Scottish Borders Trophy + £150: Tullis Russell
    Entertainment Prize: Queen's Head Inn Shield + £150: Langholm

    Best 2nd Section: Souter Ronnie Trophy + £100: Tullis Russell
    Best 3rd Section: John A. Wilson Memorial Trophy + £100: Irvine and Dreghorn
    Best 4th Section: Harry Pearce Memorial Trophy + £100: Hawick Saxhorn
    Best Borders Band: St. Ronan's Bicentenary Trophy: St. Ronan's

    Best Soloist: Walter Nichol Memorial Trophy + Medal: Solo Cornet, Shotts St. Patrick's
    Best Instrumentalist: Jedforest Instrumental Band 150th Anniversary Trophy + Medal: Bass Trombone, Tullis Russell
    Best Solo Cornet: Dave Young Trophy + Medal: Bon Accord B
    Best Basses: Bert Neil Memorial Quaich: Tullis Intermediate
    Best Percussion: Jenny Corbett Memorial Cup: Buckhaven & Methil Miners'

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