Bop It, Extreme 2!

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  1. Anyone else got this game? My mum bought it today and it's like a test of your reflexes... you get told what to do (Bop it, Flick it, Twist it, Pull it, or Spin it) and you have to do it as quick as you can to try and beat the high score. So far I've got 41, and the highest my mum has got is 19 *chuckles* I suggest everyone goes and purchases one.:tongue: :clap:
  2. julestools

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    Kids got one for Christmas off my sister. Had to remove the batteries to get any peace. Have fun.


  3. My mum keeps getting rubbish scores.. and blaming it on the bloke, saying that he says stuff wrong, or he's saying something that's not one of the things! Can't be anything wrong with it can there, if I keep getting higher scores! ;) She bought it, and I'm gonna be the one glued to it I think!
  4. julestools

    julestools Active Member

    Hearing goes as you get older. I'm rubbish at it. All those years sitting on the bass rank making loads of noise has done my hearing no good at all. Thats my excuse anyway.


  5. Excuses, excuses :p
  6. ronnie_the_lizard

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    Imps had a concert in Lowestoft a few weeks ago - 5 hours coach ride each way.

    Principal cornet & Sop got into a contest on one of these and (eventually) got the score up to around 120, much to the annoyance of everyone else on the coach.
  7. ComputerBloke

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    Heh, it's great fun - my daughter asked for one for Xmas - top score is about 250 - took some doing though.

    You'd be doing really well, then one of the kids would ask you something and put you off :(

    The only drawback for me is that the "Twist-it" doesn't sound like Twist at all, more like "Thwip" :D
  8. Cornishwomble

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    Brilliant game when everybody's had a few!
  9. Me and mum were arguing last night about "Twist-it".. she kept saying "it isn't saying any of these things that are on here" And I was like "Well I've got 30 odd so far in like 15 minutes, so it can't be that bad!" But she insisted on winning.. So I won't be letting her read this thread.:rolleyes:
    Can't have the parents always being right now, can we? :tongue:
  10. BrianT

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    Try it with headphones on - the music has a groovy bassline that's too deep for the built-in speaker. 'Phones make the speech more intelligible too.
    BrianT (rubbish high score)
  11. ComputerBloke

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    How are you getting on with "Beat Bop"?
    Does my 'ead in :D
  12. I aint tried the beat one yet.. don't think I'd be able to do that one just yet.. still getting used to where all the things are! But last night on the voice one I did get 140 :D
  13. David Sheedy

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    Errmmm... when you reach 250 it stops ! game over !......
  14. :eek: 250 is all it goes upto?! That's shocking!
    Someone buy me a new game! :(
  15. ComputerBloke

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    That might be true - it was 250-ish - my daughter's high score - must be something just less then - she was insufferable afterwards :(
    I can personally only get upto about 120 and that's after 3 cups of black coffee :D

    Takes ages to ramp up scores like that though - strange though - the "bops" are in batches of 16 - and 16 doesn't divide equally into 250 - last batch must be shorter!!

    Notice how it gradually gets faster and faster - it's not much but it puts the pressure on!
  16. Well, I'm on 140.. so another 110 to go and that's the end of it! So much for having fun. Hmm, I need a new game...