Boosey & Hawkes Sovereign Cornet

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Vicki Sims, May 3, 2011.

  1. Vicki Sims

    Vicki Sims New Member

    I have a globe stamp sovereign that I am about to put up for sale. It is in reasonable condition (there are some signs of lacquer wear), and a previous owner took off the original round finger grip and replaced it with a c shaped grip. This wasn't the prettiest of jobs, but the cornet plays well. It has the blue covered boosey & hawkes hard case.

    If you are interested then I could send you some pictures. Really don't want to have to resort to Ebay so thought I'd test the water here first!

    Thanks for your time,

  2. Wirral Brass

    Wirral Brass New Member

    Hi, is this cornet still available

  3. Vicki Sims

    Vicki Sims New Member


    Yes it is, I have been away so have not yet got round to putting it on Ebay!

  4. MrTrumpetMan

    MrTrumpetMan New Member

    Still for sale?
  5. Vicki Sims

    Vicki Sims New Member

    Yes! Would you like any more info/photo's etc?
  6. MrTrumpetMan

    MrTrumpetMan New Member

    yes please :) biketastik @ live dot co dot uk
  7. Vicki Sims

    Vicki Sims New Member

    Ok, will try and get something to you this evening.
  8. MrTrumpetMan

    MrTrumpetMan New Member

    great thanks :)

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