Boosey & Hawkes (Besson) Round Stamp Euphonium

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by mark_euph, Feb 8, 2015.

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  1. mark_euph

    mark_euph Member

    Hi guys, I am looking for honest and fair valuations for the Euphonium. It's serial number is 655673 for anyone who wants to search for it. I'll attach a few photos of the instrument. It's older than me and has had some good use over the years, but unfortunately due to dwindling numbers and the struggle to keep going we are trying to recoup some money by selling some of our instruments. This one has been in the band a long time and has some very obvious signs of use. It does require some minor work and ideally some TLC from a restorer to cover some spots of wear in the lacquer and that, but it is in great playing condition, despite the aesthetic issues.

    Serious offers can you please PM me for more details, if requested.

    Thank you very much, in advance, for taking the time to look at the advert.


    (Actually the photos will not attach, but I can email them if needed so you can let me know.)

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  2. mark_euph

    mark_euph Member

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  3. mark_euph

    mark_euph Member

    Title should obviously read Boosey & Hawkes (Besson) but after mailing Admin to change it I've had no update.
  4. Pauli Walnuts

    Pauli Walnuts Moderator Staff Member

    I have changed the title for you Mark.
  5. sheilakey

    sheilakey New Member

    Is this still for sale? I know someone looking for a 1980's Euph!
  6. cshimmon

    cshimmon Member

    Hi I also have a 1981 sovereign that I'm interested in selling but I have no idea of valuation, if this one is already sold, give me a shout!
  7. mark_euph

    mark_euph Member

    This is still for sale. I have two offers made and am negotiating with these people at the moment whilst trying to sort other instruments for sale also.
  8. mark_euph

    mark_euph Member

    This is now sold, along with another 10-12 instruments.

    Thanks for looking.
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