Boosey and Hawkes Vibraphone for sale

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    I have a Boosey and Hawkes (Ajax) Vibraphone for sale (3 octave f-f).

    It is a lovely old instrument with a sweet tone. It comes complete with a hard case for most of the frame and notes and two custom-made Mushroom bags for the ends of the frame and resonators. It is in good working order with original variable speed motor but has a few small issues which I would like to draw attention to.

    1. It takes a bit of adjusting to make the damper pedal work perfectly without the keyboard moving too much when the pedal is depressed.

    2. The bottom F and F sharp are slightly dead sounding.

    3. The motor isn't completely silent, but I think it was always like that.

    The tuning is passable and I've used the instrument professionally.

    £1100 ovno

    Please e-mail me for photos.

    David Lewis

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