Boosey and Hawkes round stamp 920 Sovereign cornet (re plated) for sale.

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by somerset cornet, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. somerset cornet

    somerset cornet New Member

    Hi, I am offering for sale my recently re plated and refurbished 920 medium bore Sovereign cornet.
    It has been fully re furbished and replated just before I bought it.

    I have only had it for 5 weeks and am selling as after giving it a good try, I get on with my other Large bore cornet better so have decided to keep that one and find I only play this one every now and again to keep it in working order.

    It is in full working order with all valves and slides working as they should. It looks and sounds fantastic having been replated and the only marks I can see are a tiney pin mark on the 3rd valve slide and a similar mark near the top of the 2nd valve on the block. I presume these were repairs prior to replating which can only be seen when held to the light and looking closely. They don't show up in photo's.

    It comes in its original large boosey and hawkes black case which is not restored but still fairly presentable and everything works.

    I am asking £700 and need to be pretty close to that as that is what I paid for it.



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  2. somerset cornet

    somerset cornet New Member

    I am unsure how to delete this post but THIS CORNET IS NOW SOLD! Thanks for your interest.
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