Boosey and Hawkes Round/Globe Stamp Sovereign 921 Medium Bore Cornet

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    [TD="class: storeDescTd"]Boosey and Hawkes Round/Globe Stamp Sovereign 921 Medium Bore Cornet.

    This is one of the highly sought after and collectable medium bore round stamp/globe stamp 921 models, pre-lottery era c.1980. In very good condition, plays lovely and it had a really good service recently so all the slides and valves work fine. There is just one small dent in the bell near the valves, you can see this in one of the pictures. I am selling because I am now playing on a band cornet. It does not have the original case, however it has one of the newer Besson cases.

    Delivery will be made via courier, however collection is welcome, I live in Shropshire.

    Any questions are welcome, please ask if you want to see any extra pictures or need any more information.

    Thanks for looking.

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    The Sovereign 921 is a large bore cornet. The medium bore version was the 923. From the picture on e-bay I would say that this is a large bore.