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  1. rooms4bands

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    Introducing a brand new and totally free service to allow you to book hotel rooms and rehearsal space for your band. Anywhere in the world.

    We search for the lowest price deals. Try it today.

    We also do individual rooms on our sister site.

    Both sites are TOTALLY Free to use.

    Feedback?? Email
  2. cornet96

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    Sounds a positive idea providin there mark up is not too much for the services they provide, lets wait and see :)
  3. rooms4bands

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    valid point

    We are pleased to tell you we do not add anything for our service. Our system is unique and patented. The hotels on our site actually compete with each other to get your business. We aim to get you the best deal possible. Our parent company books thousands of hotel rooms every day. We use this group buying power to pass on the savings to you

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  4. LittleEuph

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    Patented? Really? Can I ask what it is that is patented and in which jurisdiction?
  5. rooms4bands

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    My appologies, parent pending. Please mail if you need more information. sorry for any confusion
  6. Hove Edge

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    Sorry, You need to tell us who you are, a little about your background and any insurances/ assurance you offer on a large down payment of any hotels booked. I have to say the way you have just posted this on the Mouthpiece is a bit strange to say the least!!!!
  7. StellaJohnson

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    Just been and had a go for a laugh, no mention of what your bandroom requirements you want, its a bit more general than that. To me its just another
  8. Bones

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    The Web design is JSP, wich I think Is Jason Poulton. If so, then at least a bander who is running the proposition.

    Apologies to Jason if I am wrong...
  9. Perchead

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    I think anyone who is saying they don't take a cut is a bit too good to be true!

    By the way I believe there is nothing wrong with taking something if it's good for the band too, but let's be up front.
  10. bariwizard

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    If it makes life a bit easier for bands travelling then good luck to them. With a bit of luck this could slash overnight costs for bands travelling from L&SC/WoE areas to British open, English national, and Euro champs.
  11. WoodenFlugel

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    You wanna watch you don't cut yourself....:rolleyes:
  12. rooms4bands

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    Hi everyone. Yes the site is a jsp venture. You may remember empty chairs from a few years ago. The system is a hotel finder. However there is a twist, this system puts you in contact with the hotel directly. I honestly don't take a cut from what you pay. I get a small referral fee. Usually around a quid. It's up to you if you use it or not. I just thought it might help so being a web geek I built the site. I argued with the policies of the hotel booking systems to try to get them to accept the idea of a band set up for rehearsal space but they wouldn't have it. You have to select the reception option. Then add notes for specific details. It then emails all the hotels who can accommodate you, and they email you the best price. You can then hammer out the best deal with a hotel you know wants your business.
    As I said this is just an idea, if it works, great. You might save a few quid, if not what have u lost? A few minutes.

    This is certainly not my main source of income, just a hobby. But if I can help the banding world which I was once part of, I'm happy.

    Hope this covers all your concerns.

    To be clear. You pay me NOTHING. All financial transactions are with the hotel you choose.

    Merry Christmas

    Jason Poulston
    Jsp media group
    Really useful websites
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  13. rooms4bands

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    On a confirmed booking there is a commission I get too. But this is paid by the hotel. Not by the band. You can read all the smallprint on the site under the terms of use link.
  14. StellaJohnson

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    After my trail, I asked for a hotel and rehearsal room in Buxton Derbyshire for May 7th 2011 - Buxton Contest and a hotel in Mexico has kindly offered there services!!