Boobs and Brass!

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  1. We are an "all female" brass band based in Northamptonshire - our players play in a variety of local bands but rehearse occasionally together to perform at events raising money for charity. Our last concert raised over £4200 which was shared between the local hospital & the Breast Cancer Campaign.:clap:

    Our next concert will be on January 27th in Rushden, Northants - all proceeds will go to the Crazy Hats appeal - a local charity raising money for Breast Cancer.

    We are looking for any female player who would like to join our "pool" of players, but we are especially keen to hear from a Bass player who would be available for this concert.

    Please contact Jane Nichols on 01536 391081 or if you can help :tup
  2. Many thanks to those of you who have contacted Jane - we are pleased to say that we now have a Bass player for this concert. Hopefully we will help to raise lots of money for the Breast Cancer Campaign.

    We are also trying to get enough female players to attend this year's Whit Friday Marches. First Choice holidays have kindly sponsored some very pink jackets for us!

    If you would like to join us please view the website where you will find the contact details.
  3. 2nd man down

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    Whit Friday in an all girl band????? Does life get any better than that?

    I'm a layydeee on a saturday, does that count?? :biggrin:
  4. tpcornet12

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    This sounds great!! I'll defo try and see you play. It might even get some of my non-playing friends to come along;)
  5. Hells Bones

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    Would Definately look out for you guys, would you be doing some entertainment stuff?

    Like Marching to Man! I Feel Like A Woman?
  6. andreab

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    Good luck to you all, this sounds like great fun, and for a great cause.

  7. Marching Boobs

    Boobs & Brass are looking for a female bass trombone player to play with us at the Whit Friday Marches. We've had a rehearsal this morning & it's going well! :clap:

    Please contact Maggie Betts on 01933 624694 or Jane Nichols on 01536 391081 if you can help. :D
  8. sop star

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    woah! hold on here a wee second!!! an all female brass band?? like all women!? :| ..... i gotta see one of these! :p

    but more seriously, i think all the fundraising you are doing is for a great cause!! great stuff!!
  9. Mesmerist

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    wish i lived closer to you! well done for all the charity work. X
  10. WoodenFlugel

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    ...all wearing pink jackets so I believe. Although rumour has it that there will be a male bass drumist wearing a very special uniform amongst the ranks. ;)

    Anyway, whatever, this is a great cause and a great way to raise funds for it. Best of luck to Kay and the rest of the BaB folk. :tup
  11. Hells Bones

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    I just had a Thought, they should call themselves Boobs and Brass Entertainment. then we could all call them Babe for short :biggrin:
  12. sop star

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    Weii i'm sure they don't need to change the name of there band to have themselves being referet to as babes ;) :D :cool: :tup
  13. Surely not... What a calamity. Who would do such a thing like that??
  14. MaxPressure

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    so it will be boobs and brass and a bit of a tit on bass drum :biggrin:

    nice one stan :clap:

    Good luck to you all..........
  15. Steve

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    Blimey! Didnt realise how many of the band I knew until I looked at the VERY pink website!

    Keep up the great work and hopefully catch you at Whits!
  16. Female Bass players needed for Boobs and Brass

    Boobs and Brass are presenting their second Charity Concert at Kettering Parish Church, Northamptonshire on Saturday 6th October at 7.30pm. We are delighted that the female Brass Band Personality/Legend, Betty Anderson, has agreed to conduct us at this event.:tup

    Last year we raised over £4400 at this concert which was divided between
    Breast Cancer Campaign and the Ophthalmology Dept at Kettering General Hospital. :clap:

    Since then we have raised even more money at concerts & also made our first appearance at the Whit Friday Marches - a fantastic experience for us all. (Check our website for more details - especially the Guest Book page!) :redface:

    We have had lots of support from players from all over the country but we still need to attract a few more Bass players. If you are a female who plays either Eb or Bb Bass and are available for 6th October please contact Maggie Betts on 07833 663448 as soon as possible.

    We have got a rehearsal on Sunday 30th September in Rushden, Northants at 11am.