"BooBs and Brass" charity concert

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    Boobs & Brass, Northamptonshire’s first all female Brass Band.

    The story so far:

    There was once two lasses talking over a cup of tea or “something”, Jane and Maggie, while recording for another charity event, (this ain’t no Morecombe and Wise gag).
    Jane says to Maggie “Do you know what my dream is?”
    “ No, but I suppose your going to tell me anyway” came Maggie’s reply.
    “ I’d love to form an all girls band”. “Then do it, I’ll help you”. Was the response.

    That was the birth of Boobs & Brass.

    Within a matter of weeks, the venue, Kettering Parish Church, was booked and a list of bands women drawn up. Players were contacted and everyone responded with enthusiasm, even players hearing of the idea offered their services, girls and chaps alike.

    Sadly, a great number of players had to be disappointed due to the lack of space in the church, the band could have been two or three times as big as first anticipated.

    In keeping with the “All Female” theme, Adele Sellers has agreed to direct the band, and the first rehearsal is now under our belts. What a wide, warm, well-rounded sound it was too, much to the amazement of some of the some of the male onlookers.

    The programme selected has taken into consideration the limited rehearsal time and the varying range of abilities of all concerned.

    It features a solo with a difference to be performed by Jo Bird of Ransomes, an original work and a piece by one of Northamptonshire’s most renowned composers, Malcolm Arnold, who celebrates his eighty fifth birthday this year.

    All the proceeds from the evening will be donated to two charities,

    Kettering General Hospital’s ophthalmic ward and the Breast Cancer Campaign.

    Jane Nichols’s chosen charity “ The Ophthalmic Ward” at Kettering General Hospital are currently raising funds for a hand held Biometer and Pachymeter Machine.
    Jane works within the department; it treats approximately 550-600 patients weekly and treats all ages from birth to 100+. Anything that helps to maintain the good health of the eye, especially the early recognition and diagnosis of problems is of benefit to us all.

    Margaret Betts’s chosen charity is the “Breast Cancer Campaign”.

    Margaret thought it was very apt with it being an all female band.
    Margaret commented that a playing friend had just undergone treatment for breast cancer, when speaking with other players it is amazing how many of us have friends and relatives who have and are being treated for this, so it is a cause very close to our hearts. Incidentally, it is not just women that are affected; men can also suffer with breast cancer.

    Jane, principal cornet with Rushden Windmill Band and Margaret, cornet player with the Kibworth band have been good friends for more than a few years when they both played with Rushden Temperance Band.

    They are both amazed at the response they have received from companies pledging their support for the event and bands the length and breadth of the country requesting details to put on their own websites, even the television companies have shown more than a passing interest.
    Boobs & Brass can be found at http:/boobs.midnightmusic.info

    The aim was to raise £500 for each charity, but judging by the response already received, this target could well be exceeded.

    This event takes place on Saturday 30th September at Kettering Parish Church, baton down at 7.30 and should prove to be a very enjoyable evening for the audience and performers alike. It will turn more than a few heads and start a lot of ears twitching.
    Judging by the response from bandsmen wishing to participate in the event, they will be sadly disappointed as they can’t quite fit all the entrance criteria, skirts or not.

    Tickets can be obtained from players or 01536 391081 / 01933 624694 and also
    Kettering Tourist information on 01536 410266

    That’s the story behind Jane’s long-standing pipe dream and it is now coming to fruition.

    Who knows what is in store for the future? WATCH THIS SPACE.

    Good on yer girls.
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  2. Fantastic idea

    Well done to Jane & Maggie for organising this concert - it's going to be a fantastic evening. It's 34 years since I last played for an "all girls" band, (the WRAF Central Band) but this is much better!

    The second rehearsal went well & we should be featured on BBC Look East this week. Please check out the website http://boobs.midnightmusic.info/boobsmain.htm for more details. Lets make lots of money for 2 really good causes
  3. TheMusicMan

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    What a fantastic idea this is, and should raise some much needed money for the various charities. I commend those involved in this, kudos to ya...:)
  4. PeterBale

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    One of my minor claims to fame is that I once got roped in to dep on bass with Maisie Wiggins' "London Ladies' Brass". It was either a Home League Rally or an Over 60s rally, I can't remember which, and I'd been invited as saxophone soloist, but got roped in as some of their basses couldn't make it. We also hosted them when they did some marching practice in an empty dormitory at the Westminster Hostel!
  5. Redhorn

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    Did you wear drag, Peter? (or is that just at weekends!?) :)
  6. daveredhead

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    Boobs and Brass in concert

    The a/m concert tonight,at kettering parish church 19-30. I am going to listen, not play, cos i am all male:clap: regardless of what has been joked about on other threads just wondering if any other tMPrs will be there, either playing or like me, going to enjoy music and support a good cause,:tup

    Edit: Threads merged - no need to start a new thread, Dave! ;) (dyl)
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  7. Will be there playing (because I've got the necessary equipment!). Just getting ready to go now for rehearsal at 6pm.

    A few brassmonkeys will be there listening & checking out the "cool" pieces!

    Hope you enjoy the evening - we are going to make lots of money!
  8. Tonight's the night!
  9. WoodenFlugel

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    Ah dammit I'd completely forgotten about this....:ranting2: :oops:

    I really hope it goes well. Really good cause - best of luck to Kay and the gals.

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