Bones North Trombone Ensemble Require Dep Bass Trombone for Rehearsal/Blow on Sunday,2nd October

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    Bones North Trombone Ensemble require Dep Bass Trombone ( due an accident) for our rehearsal /blow on Sunday, 2nd October 2016 (2pm for approx 2 hours). This being due to one of our bass trombone players being advised to abstain from playing for four to six weeks. He is suspected to have a cracked rib.

    We also currently have vacancies for both tenor and bass trombone players due to players moving from the Yorkshire Area or going to music college etc. All welcome, you must read tenor and bass clef.

    We will be directed by Frank Mathison the ex LSO Principal Bass Trombone. For further details & to put your name down please pm me or

    Thank you for your interest.

    Steve Ford/trombo

    Venue: Clifton and Lightcliffe Bandroom, Birkhouse Road, Bailiff Bridge, Brighouse, West Yorkshire, HD6 4EW. Sunday, 2nd October 2016 (2pm for approx 2 hours).
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    Dep bass trombone no longer required due to blow being cancelled.