Bones North @ Clifton Sunday 25/11/2007

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    Clifton Trombone Choir (MD:Frank Mathison ex LSO)are meeting on Sunday 25th of November 2007.
    We meet at the Clifton and Lightcliffe Bandroom at Bailiff Bridge near Brighouse.

    We start at 2pm for a few hours trombone fun playing a unique mix of music from our varied library ( many thanks to Chris Houlding & BTS plus our other trombonists).
    All welcome for directions contact Steve Ford (tromford) on 01422 369847 or pm me or e mail

    We look forward to seeing new participants on both tenor or bass trombone.

    I look forward to your messages.
    ps Frank Mathison has promised to bring his leather bag full of manuscript arrangements.
    All welcome pm or e mail me (
    We are hoping to have some new music on the day.

    nb welcome to our new members: Ian Clough from Drighlington,Andy Hillier and John Clayton from York,Pat Darley from Sheffield and not forgettiing Matthew Gee from Denton

    Why not come along to check us out!!!
    trombo (Steve Ford)
    Bass Trombone-Yorkshire Wind Orchestra-LDO
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    We still need tenor trombone players for the above rehearsal/Blow.
    Alll enquiries welcome: please pm me oe e mail(

    Thank you for looking. and look forward to your replies.

    trombo-Founder Bones North @ Clifton (Clifton Trombone Choir)
    Bass Trombone-YWO & LDO
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    Bones North @ Clifton Sunday 25th November 2007

    We still need tenor trombone players for the above rehearsal/Blow, this being due to illness and playing for shows etc.
    pm me for further details or e mail me(

    Any help in welcome, tenor clef and bass clef readers as limited music in treble clef.
    Looking forward to your replies.


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