Bones North@ Clifton Sunday 10th February 2008

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    We are having our first rehearsal/blow on Sunday 10/02/2008 at the Clifton and Lightcliffe bandroom at 2pm. The Bandroom is situated at Bailiff Bridge, Brighouse between Bradford and Huddersfield in West Yorkshire.
    Our current Director is Frank Mathison (Ex LSO Bass Trombone legend)who will be looking at several new pieces of music, plus several of our favourite ones.

    All welcome, ideally should read tenor and bass clef (tenor trombone) and bass clef for bass trombonists. However we do welcome treble clef readers too.

    All are welcome at this event.
    Please come along for an afternoons trombone blowing.

    For further details please pm me or e-mail me at

    thank you for looking
    tromford (Steve Ford)
    Bass Trombone Yorkshire Wind Orchestra/brassmattaz and LDO
    Bass Trombone-Yorkshire Wind Orchestra
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    Hi Steve, sorry I didn't reply to your email, it vanished somewhere! I'll be there on the 10th, although I have a gig that evening so will have to run at 4 prompt.
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    Bones North Sunday 10th February 2008

    Due to the February School holiday week , we have an opportunity for a Taster Session" with group. Come along for a blow!
    A no pressure, fun evironment with fellow trombonists.
    pm me or or
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    Massed blow in West Yorkshire

    The Bones North Trombone Choir, based in West Yorkshire, invites trombonists to join them for a Sunday afternoon of blowing, directed by their MD, LSO legend Frank Mathison. Starting at 2pm on Sunday 10th February 2008, the event takes place at the Clifton and Lightcliffe Bandroom at Bailiff Bridge near Brighouse.

    All welcome, ideally you should read tenor and bass clef.

    Fuller details appear on post on the British Trombone Society Forum. For directions, contact Steve Ford by pm , phone 01422 369847 or email

    Thank you for looking.


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