Bones Apart 10 year anniversary CD "ten"

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  1. JTM

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    Released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Bones Apart and to coincide with the 10th Anniversary tour (starting on 25th October, more details are available at the new CD ten features many of our favourite pieces over the past 10 years including The Stars and Stripes Forever plus a few new favourites. ten was recorded by Tom Watson at Prozone Music in Buckinghamshire. Go to for more details.

  2. Independent Silver Band

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    I couldn't get the video to load.
  3. JTM

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    Hi William

    if you mean the video on the website of stars and stripes, you might need to have flash installed to play it....try this youtube link instead for now :)

  4. Independent Silver Band

    Independent Silver Band Active Member

    Thanks, I watched it on youtube. I am sending the link to your website to some of my cohorts here in the States.
  5. JTM

    JTM New Member

    Thanks William that's great. We are coming over to the States next year so would be great to drum up more interest :)
  6. Independent Silver Band

    Independent Silver Band Active Member

    Let me know when. If I can do you any good at all I will be willing. My track record has not been that good lately.
  7. JTM

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    CD tracks include Suite from the Nutcracker, Tank Corps March, Variations on Annie Laurie, Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair, Tico Tico and My Funny Valentine as well as Stars and Stripes.

    To listen to soundclips from the CD go to
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  8. PeterBale

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    Hi there, amended the web address as it didn't seem to connect in its earlier form!

    If this new cd is as good as the previous ones - and the playing at St John's last Friday - then we should be in for a treat ;)

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