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  1. Been watching Bolsover Entertainment Contest all day on 4 Bars Rest
    A great day its been so far
    However a bit disappointed that the 4th section,3rd section&2nd section have not been featured
    Just Non registered,1st and Championship section
  2. Mr_Chairman

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    I guess the costs of providing the service from two halls had some effect here. Enjoyed what I saw and full marks to Bolsover for going down this route
  3. LynneW

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    I totally agree. It was really nice to see some live coverage from this contest. I can't see how they can be criticised for not showing all the sections
  4. Bbmad

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    Who cares what 4BR think any road?

    If you want coverage that badly then go and sit it the lower section contests and provide it yourself.
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  5. Rebel Tuba

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    I saw the coverage and really enjoyed the chance to see some of this contest on line. I hope that over contests follow suit and bring the movement into the 21st centuary.

    The only issue I had was the www viewers having to witness the speeches, delays and anality we have at results times. Everyone having their say from council members to the announcer shouting "dont forget to sign " to the award winners....

    but well done to Bolsover and the 4bars rest team, guests andproduction staff...
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  6. PeterBale

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  7. Matthew

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    Is this still available to view online via a recording, etc? :)

    Would be great to see live coverage of all the finals contests (e.g. at Cheltenham, RAH). I'd pay for an 'online' seat for sure!
  8. bassmittens

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    I agree. We were band number 2 in the 4th section, and had the priviledge to play to an audience of about 7 (including the adjudicator)