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  1. Anno Draconis

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    Anyone going? I believe there are 18 bands entered?

    Coppull & Standish have decided to enter this (we usually go to Fleetwood on the first weekend of October, but it's been moved to the second weekend this year so we can't go) and I'd like to know if anyone knows anything about the hall so we can have a bit of a think about the "staging" aspects of our programme. Is there lots of room? Is the audience right next to the band (like the dreaded Pontins Lunar Bar)? Being a leisure centre, is it a "lively acoustic"?

    Cheers :biggrin:

    Coppul & Standish Band
  2. tubafran

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    It's in the Kissingate Centre - which is basically a sports hall type room. Previously no staging, so band on floor at same level as audience and yes they are sat pretty close to the band.
  3. postie

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    Yes hopefully the lights don't go out Bestwood played in the contest in 2006 and we had to play in virtual darkness. But what Tubafran has said in the previous post is correct the description is perfect.
  4. Anno Draconis

    Anno Draconis Well-Known Member

    Thanks folks!

    Is there much room at the sides of the band? And where do the bands enter from - Stage left, stage right, both, back of hall and walk past audience?

    Much appreciated!
  5. tubafran

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    As I recall the last time I was in the audience there was plenty of room either side of the band (short end of a sports hall rectangle, audience down main length of band). The band rooms were to the right of "the stage" and you'd enter from the side nearest to the trombones. There was another door on the opposite side that opens to the external area.
  6. postie

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    Yes it's a pretty big hall also they have got a bar to the left hand side as you come in. Always important information!!!!
  7. andyfake

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    Does it ring a bit then? - might make me sound like I can play - like practising (!!) in the bathroom.
  8. tubafran

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    Andy it is an entertainment contest but I don't think you should be giving away that part of our entertainmnet programme - Handels Water Music where we push you on to the stage playing in a bath with wheels:).
  9. No coz brass is the devils work
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  10. No coz brass is the devils work, I play cello and strings rule
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    Welcome to the forum!

    At least his instrument would float in said bath - best place for it?;)
  12. steve butler

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    I don't know - bonfire night is coming up :biggrin:
  13. ploughboy

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    Saw this contest too late, we'd have been there with Emley but we've already got a Harvest Festival appointment in our local church! Next year we'll have it in the diary.
  14. andyfake

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    You'll be all entertained out after this Sunday!!
  15. dalizzie

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    Audience about 4-6 feet from front of band.
    Adjudicator sat back about 15 feet between rows of audience as per previous year.
    Be careful with overblowing, very lively "booming" acoustic as per most sports halls.
    Hope there is a bigger audience than 2007.
    2006 before a lot better David Horsfield adjudicated and audience much larger.
    Just my observations as a conductor at the event two years running.
  16. PorgynBess

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    I am fairly sure there will be a bigger audience than 2007 . In 2007 there were 5 competing bands and in 2008 there are 17 competing bands (1 band Foresters Brass 2000 withdrawn). My mathematics figure that out at 3 1/2 times as many competing bands.

    Its a great disappointement that local bands chose not to support this event!
  17. IJK

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    Does anyonehave a list of the bands competing?
  18. 3rdcornetsolo

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    I believe Silk and Derwent will be amongst the bands competing this year
  19. Anno Draconis

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    ROBTHEDOG Member

    Actually Derwent Brass is local (based in Belper about 15 miles from Bolsover) CU there !!!!