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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Cornishwomble, Nov 7, 2003.

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    Just seen a CD for sale on Amazon called "Bollywood Brass". It's described as a cross between Bollywood music and brass bands!!!

    Has anyone heard of it and can anyone tell me if it's any good
    As an expert vindaloo tester and Indian restaurant visitor I'm very intrigued!
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    They took part in a brass festival organised by John Wallace at the Royal Academy a year or so ago. Although I didn't hear them myself they seemed to go down very well - certainly very different!
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    hmmm, what's that thing st helens and stockport are doing leisa? will it be like that? :?
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    hey Bollywood brass are in concert at the bridgewater hall and somewhere else soon with stockport schools brass band, st helens youth and wardle high school. we are doing a workshop with them in the day where they show us brass bands from bollywood styly and we show them english brass!!

    i will post the dates for the concert on here soon as poss. probably tomorrow!!

    ive never heard them though! :bounce
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    Theres a fantastic ensemble known as Balti Brass and will be playing in the Bridge End Inn on the 15th nov in Bedwas :D :wink: hehehehe, great name huh suz!!!!!!
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    I think they'll be at the RNCM Tuba/ Euph festival next week- i'll go and have a listen for you and tell you what they're like (if I remember- i've got a bit of a goldfish memory!)
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    when are they on? may go if I've not got any exams!
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    Complete details of when everything's on, is on Steven Mead's website, this takes you straight to them:
    Tell me if you can go and i'll keep an eye out for you!
    It's going to be a top weekend! :D
  10. Seedhouse

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    Oh, sorry just had a look myself- it's Gomalan Brass. :oops:
    Still be a good weekend though!
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    Here's a better pic i think they're cool i can't wait for this thing next may, 1st may io think the concert is leisa!

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    don't mean to flood the thread like but here you go...


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    yeh it hink theres another one too int there?
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    a'thank you!! i couldnt find my sheet with the dates on oops!
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