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  1. Garry Lannie

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    As an ex-player of bodmin band i am deeply saddened of the news that the bandroom and all the contents was burnt to the ground over friday night it is very upsetting to think of the great library the band had and all of the old photo's and all of the collection of diffferent things gathered over the years all of the instruments personally very gutted .
    I sincerely hope the organisation get back onto his feet and out of the ashes rise a great phoenix my thoughts are with Ryan the Chairman and everyone involved with Bodmin Town Band
  2. iancwilx

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    What a dreadful thing to have happened.
    Although many items of intrinsic value have been lost, I sincerely hope the building and equipment were insured.
    The very best of luck to the band and I hope they are soon back on their feet.

    - Mr Wilx
  3. fartycat

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    That's terrible news, really shocking. Our bandroom is stocked full of music and memorabilia so I can just imagine what has been lost and it's heartbreaking. Best of luck to Bodmin.
  4. jim

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    Very sad news indeed Garry, I have visated Bodmins bandroom on many occasions over the years. The band has been through a very hard time over the last feiw years but I hope sincerly that the band can rise again.

    Our thoughts are with you.

    James Andrews
    Flowers band
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  5. tubbytuba

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    Imust add to the comments already made what a huge shame,history and a lot of memories all gone.I do hope its not truly the end
  6. Mesmerist

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    I remember visiting Bodmin bandroom a few times. What a shame.I gather it was deliberate?
  7. matt_BBb_bass

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    Below is a email i recived from Graham Boag the MD later today:

    Many thanks to those who have called, e-mailed or text myself and other members of Bodmin Town Band today after the arson attack last night.

    Two people are helping the police with their enquiries. In what was already a difficult time for the band this is the last thing we needed. We will post news here as soon as we can. Once again thank you for your support and thoughts at this time.

    Graham Boag
  8. katieeuph

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    Really sorry to hear that -I've spent a lot of time in Bodmin in the past and though I've never played for the band have always followed with interest.
  9. Taffy Euph

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    Cant believe what’s happened, all that history, If we can help IE duplicate music we might have in the City of Bristol please PM me …

    We wish the band and committee the best in the rising of Bodmin band..

  10. This happened to our band (Rushden Town) in 2006.

    It was very shocking at the time - we lost numerous instruments, uniforms, music, photos etc. We were very grateful that nobody was hurt.

    However, the banding world was incredibly helpful & we managed to give a full concert 4 weeks later & everyone rallied around & supported us. Although it took quite a while to sort out the insurance claim we managed to continue from day to day. The band club was never rebuilt but we were extremely fortunate to be offered rehearsal facilities at the local WMC.

    Best wishes to Bodmin - I'm sure everyone will help you as much as they did us.
  11. Rebel Tuba

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    My thoughts go out to the members of BTB with the loss of bandroom, instruments and extensive music library. It is very sad that one of Cornwall's top bands are having to go through all of this.

    I am sure that any help you may need will be offered by all in the local area and further afield, including myself.

    I look forward to you getting back on your feet very quickly
  12. boagy

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    In the cold light of Day

    Just one photo of what is left.

    The Bandroon 1.jpg

    The Bandroom 2.jpg
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  13. Independent Silver Band

    Independent Silver Band Active Member

    I don't know anyone there, but really saddened by this.
  14. scotchgirl

    scotchgirl Active Member

    That is truly heart goes out to you all :(
  15. brassbandmaestro

    brassbandmaestro Active Member

    OMG!! How truly awful for this to happen to any band, especially Bodmin TB. Best wishes to all and I do hope you guys will recover and rise like a phoenix as a poster has said before! Good luck everyone at Bodmin for the recovery process and ge good to see you people back in action!!
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  16. honey bun

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    Thats devastating and the pictures OMG! I know we are a long way away but if there's anything Raunds can do please don't hesitate to ask. Good luck
  17. dave aston

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    When I was at Besses I got a call on one Boxing Day that the bandroom had been burgled.I drove from Preston to Bury too find instruments strewn about the road outside and the bandroom trashed with all sorts of things missing.All I realy cared about was the bands historical stuff...a boars head had been stolen that was presented to the band in New Zealand in the early 1900's.Fortunately it was returned.I realy feel for you guys as you cannot reproduce history but you can rise from it ...the year after Besses requalified for the open and made it to the national chins up...Dave Aston.Flowers Band
  18. Martin

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    Sorry to hear your terrible news. Hope it isn't too long until you get things sorted and are playing again.
  19. This is really sad news, have the police got anywhere with catching someone? I have practiced in Bodmin Bandroom in the past and have seen all the history contained. I hope they bounce back from this.
  20. alanl58

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