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    Dear brass band fans

    I have just read the 4barsrest review of the London Area Contest. Now I don’t usually join with those who whine about their coverage of contests but must say I was surprised to see that the (anonymous) author had avoided providing any personal opinion regarding the results of the Championship Section. There is merely a brief and unqualified reference to a “shock result” which led to “Redbridge’s fall from power”, without any word of explanation as to what aspect was shocking.

    I was in the Stevenage Arts and Leisure Centre on Sunday in a professional capacity. Those toilets don’t clean themselves you know and despite the double pay there are not many with a strong enough stomach for the frankly unpleasant work involved. A particularly traumatic session with the mop and bucket (and industrial plunger) after Zone One’s BBb bass section had occupied traps one and two in the downstairs facilities caused me to suffer acute post traumatic shock and I was sent on an extended break by my supervisor, Brian.

    I took the opportunity to sneak into the back of theatre only to look up at the stage and see the red faces of the 2 culprits swathed in perspiration at the back of the stage as Zone One struck up the first chord of Devil. After the initial flashbacks (or flushbacks!) had receded I settled down to listen and have to admit they put on a good show which was certainly going to be a contender for the podium.

    Still too weak to move, I then stayed for the next 7 bands before my pager alerted me that Mr Renton’s bucket was full and I had to get back to work.

    O the 8 bands I heard I thought that Redbridge would win. It was classy stuff. Accurate, good sounds,musical, poised with few slips. I thought Friary also played consistently well and that their flugel was the best I heard. Aveley were an interesting one. The most exciting performance I thought partly as it was the fastest, just marred by some soloists, occasional bluffing and the sop player’s outlandish socks and poor posture. It was one that I thought might do really well (or not)depending on what Frank was prepared to overlook. They were my top 4 of those I heard. Next I had Wantage which was pretty good all round with very good sop. I must confess I was sort of hoping for a car crash or two with such a hard piece but it didn’t really happen. East London Brass were in the second section 2 years ago but you wouldn’t have known it and they played a mostly controlled impressive performance. Medway had one of the best sops I heard but despite Mr White’s energetic efforts it didn’t all go to plan and the trombones swerved dangerously towards the central reservation at times. Clacton had a good go at it but it sounded a bit of a struggle at times. I wish that I had heard Staines in order to see how their performance compared to these 8.

    So for me the shock was partly that Redbridge didn’t win. Having said that, if Zone One had beaten them into second I could appreciate how that could happen as Zone One were very good. I could also see that some might have picked Friary or even Aveley as their favourite performance. And Staines were, it seems, right there in the mix. It is difficult to say this without offending them but I was most shocked and stunned that Medway finished above Redbridge. They did however, so good luck to them. It’s not as tho Redbridge haven’t won this contest a few times in recent years so I’m sure they can take it on the chin this time but I’d be interested to know what Mr Renton didn’t like about their performance.

    I don’t expect anyone to take these comments in any way seriously (and am sure that you won’t). I am equally sure that you will realise that I did not (could not!) play in the section and am thus a sour grape free zone. I just thought that the result was an interesting one and worthy of comment from a neutral perspective.

    I wonder if anyone else here has ever felt that a contest adjudicator didn’t get all the bands in exactly the correct order???

    Yours in the tin hat

  2. HorniKaz

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    We were awesome!! ;)

    Quite amusing :clap:

    If they haven't, they've not been in banding long enough!!:confused:
  3. Accidental

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    We thought so too - especially well done to Lauren! :)

    Nah..... just pretty much every contest I've ever been in, lol!
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    So, Bob, you didn't get in to hear Band No 1, just like 4BR, where they helping you with the plumbing?
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    Firstly congratulations on your result at Stevenage, I'm sure it was fully deserved, even 4barsrest thought so.

    Thanks for your interesting perspective on the contest, however I would suggest that next time you try and sit in the auditorium where you will hear similar sounds to the adjudicator. Sitting in the shadows behind the stage is really not the best place to be.
  6. BrianT

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    Glad you liked us!
  7. jezza23361

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    I think Toyah Wilcox had it right

  8. Will the Sec

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    Be Proud, Be Loud, Be Heard? Sheep Farming in Barnet? Thunder in the Mountains? I Wanna be Free?
  9. jezza23361

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    Keep trying

  10. ibrox

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    It's a Mystery
  11. jezza23361

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  12. cockaigne

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    'Trombones swerving towards the central reservation' is a wonderful image - one only hopes they were already on the right carriageway... ;)
  13. Will the Sec

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    Really, Jeremy? Not Iyea? or In the Fairground? Or Good Morning Adjudicator? I'm shocked. ;)
  14. Laserbeam bass

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    Didn't realise Purley 'B' band had entered this year :oops:

    Thought that was the designated area for all 2nd Bari's :confused:
  15. Alyn James

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    Guys. Sorry for being a bit thick here, but I don't know what you're onning about. I want to get it, I really do. Explanation?
  16. Laserbeam bass

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    Look up Toyah Wilcox on wiki, and the one that Mr Wise was referring, to is called It's a Mystery, which may or may not have some bearing on the aforementioned Mr Wise's opinion on the position that his band finished in on Sunday.

    The rest is just a troll, adding in random Toyah Wilcox songs, that obviously don't fit with the aforementioned It's a Mystery.

    PS He's not a troll, he's a very naughty brother of mine!
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    Dear Mr Beam

    It's the Pearly "B" Band (get it right please). Currently of no fixed abode and certainly not from Purley, too posh, say no more. I presumed that Ibrox was congratulating me on the pristine condition of the bogs, notwithstanding the immediate aftermath of the Zone One BBb Bass dirty protest. What nervous young men they must have been.

    I am really a natural 3rd baritone but you are probably correct, best hidden in the shadows. In fact when I wrote "back of the theatre" I was referring to the auditorium so in fact I was out in the open, although heavily disguised for reasons of personal safety.

    As for the Toyah references. Surely it was "Ith's a myshtewy".

    And Jezza. I thought Frank was your friend. I have a distant recollection of you posting somewhere that his dog ate your modem cable (or something). That will save you a christmas card this year anyway! Perhaps you should get old Melv down for a rehearsal to show you how it's done. (ducks)


  18. Laserbeam bass

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    I know it is the Pearley 'B' Band, but I assumed from your intonation that you were South of the River, hence my use of the vernacular ;)
  19. Red Elvis

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    South of the river ??
    This time of night ??
    You're having a bubble mate !!!
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    Hahaha @ Dr Bob from the Simpsons :)