Boarshurst's 160th Anniversary.

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    Boarshurst Silver Band (Greenfield).

    2009 is the 160th Anniversary of the formation of the Boarshurst Silver Band. As a result numerous events will be taking place during the year.

    The main event will be the Grand Reunion Evening at the Bandclub, which we are arranging for September.

    However, in order to do so, we must have a basic idea of numbers of people who would wish to attend.

    We are therefore requesting that any ex-player, M.D., none playing member or indeed anyone who has had any contact with the Boarshurst Silver Band, contact the bands current M.D. David W Ashworth via e-mail at as soon as possible, in order that all may be informed about the years events.

    A Grand Musical Weekend is to take place in November when several local bands will take part in providing a short concerts throughout the whole weekend concluding with a concert by the Boarshust Band.

    Other events which are to take place during the year including an ice skating weekend, the Lordsmere Cup March and Hymn Contest, several special Band Concerts by local bands and a Saddleworth’s Go Talent, talent contest with the winner partaking in the Oldham MBC Carnival in July.
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