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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by Frontman, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Frontman

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    Following an very good result (5th in the 4th Section) at the National Finals, the band is looking for a Bb Bass player and a Baritone player with immediate effect.

    Interested? Please give me a ring or PM me please.
  2. Frontman

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    What an excellent response!!!!!!! Baritone player sorted within 18hrs.

    We now only need a Bb Bass player to complete our line up.

    We are being promoted to the 3rd Section from January with The Butlins Championships (Three Minatures) and the North West Area (Olympus) to look forward too, plus several presigious concerts and a CD in the pipeline.

    Come on board and enjoy the ride.

    PM me or send an email.
  3. Frontman

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    Due to a change round in personel, we need a good quality Eb Bass player with immediate effect.

    Interested? Please give me a ring or PM me please. 07785 257129.
  4. Frontman

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    Due to circumstances beyond our control we need:-

    Back row Cornet.
    2nd Horn.
    and a Good quality Bass Player.

    Several prestigious concert ahead as well as Butlins and he Area.
  5. Frontman

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    1 x Eb and 1 X Bb Bass urgently required Plus back row cornet and 2nd Baritone.

    Come and enjoy banding.
  6. Frontman

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    Cornet and Baritone sorted just now need 1 x Eb and 1 X Bb Bass. (Phil Hirst, Eb has moved to Diggle Band and Tony Millward Bb has retired).

    Butlins 3rd Section Three Miniatures, and the Area Test Piece, Olympus the music is ready and waiting on the stand for you.

    Come and enjoy your banding in our very friendly Band.
  7. Frontman

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    We have recently attracted some excellent top class players in time for Butlins.

    Just one Bb Bass player required now.

    Interested? Please contact me asap.

    Please have a look who we have attracted to take the Solo Euph seat on our web site and come and join, exciting times ahead.
  8. Frontman

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    We urgently require two front row cornets players and possibly a Soprano Player.

    If you feel that you are up for it contact me asap.

    Every effort is being made to put in a strong challenge for the Northern Open, Butlins Contest and the NW Area.

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