Blunders in the brass band press

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by James Yelland, Feb 23, 2005.

  1. James Yelland

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    According to Roy Newsome, writing in the Brass Herald this quarter, John Foster, the founder of the Black Dyke Mills Band, was 'a wool manufacturer'.

    This means that Dyke are almost certainly the only band in the world to have been brought into existence by a sheep. Unless of course Foster was a manufacturer of something else, but happened to be made of wool.......

    My other favourite was from Brass Band World last year. A report on the NYBB's course in East Anglia told us that there had been a number of masterclasses, one of which, apparently, was a masterclass on brass band administration, given by Snape Maltings.

    I don't know what I find more appalling - the sheer laziness of the reporter to question who this hitherto unheard-of figure in the brass band world was, exactly; or the failure of both a reporter and an editor/sub-editor, working in the field of music journalism, to recognise the name of one of the country's leading concert halls. And to realise, of course, that they had been had!
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    Everybody knows the meaning well enough though don't they?

    Wool IS a manufactured product already before its made up into a fabric so it IS self explanatory even if fosters never milled processed wool per se.

    As I recall the 'Band Admin' course WAS given by the admin group at Snape, so thats reasonably clear too. Only a pedantic twit would feel appalled.......
  3. wally

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    you explain the intended meaning behind these examples of sloppy journalism xerox (though i dont agree with you on the wool item), all the same, if they were worded so as to allow misinterpretation in the articles, then sloppy journalism is what they are. every publication needs at least one pedantic twit - they're called editors - and it's their job to ensure that we don't end up having to read a load of inaccurate, confusing, irritating, second rate pulp.
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  5. James Yelland

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    You have the better of me - you were there, and I wasn't. That's why I have to rely on other people's reports to inform me about what's going on. And when I see a report which I know cannot be right, I start wondering about what else I've been reading that isn't correct but I can't identify because I don't have intimate knowledge of the subject. That's why I want reporters to check their facts before rushing to print. Subscribers paying 38 pounds a year are entitled to these niceties, don't you think?

    As to being a twit, I plead guilty, but my mum still loves me.

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