Blue John by Peter Kneale (trom solo)

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    This piece is on the new trinity guildhall lists for trombone 2007 - 2009 (with piano accompaniment) and is listed as being published by R Smith and Co.

    I have been trying to get hold of it and have tried all the usual rescources including just brass, goodmusic, trevada, bandsupplies, justmusic, juneemerson etc. but all to no avail.

    I have also emailed R Smith and Co but they have informed me that is not one of their pieces and the trinity guildhall syllabus is wrong?

    Does anyone know who the publisher is and how I can get hold of it please? I have a student who would love to play it for their grade as it also has band parts and they are keen to give it a go with their band.

    Thanks to anyone who can help me out here.
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    Brackley Band have it - I know coz I depped for them In Germany last year -and we played it there. I'll have a look at the programme and see if there's any details - other than that - ask the band, they have a website.

  3. The brass band arrangement was published by Ravencar Music (1993 copyright) - I presume that the solo with piano transcription would be published by the same company,

    There address (as printed on the music) is:-

    155 Ravencar Road
    S31 9GN
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    I can confirm that I ordered the band accompanied version from Just Music last year.
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    sorry for reposting then - I didn't think to do a search for a thread on it! Many thanks for the replies. has anyone bought it with the piano accompaniment?
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    We played it at our October 06 monthly band club concert - nice solo!

    Ravenscar Music is from Chesterfield/Sheffield -The owner Mick Godbeher plays for... err... trying to think North Notts/Derbyshire band - used to be with Ireland Colliery then Whitwell/Welbeck ... someone may know - or PM me and I'll ask around for you
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    You mean Dronfield!!

    I'm led to believe Mick commissioned Bluejohn and I also presume it is named for the mineral formely mined in the Peak District around Castleton.

    If you need to contact Mick, PMing Pythagoras on here maybe the best bet cos he plays for Dronfield.
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    If I remember correctly Mick was playing at Killamarsh when he commissioned that piece - think we had the first blow through.
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    I know this was done when Peter Neale conducted Rushden Temperance/Windmill Band back in the late seventies/early eighties and Simon Kingsley (now Grimethorpe) played it. They definately would have the band parts but probably not with piano - don't know.
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    Thank you everyone for your replies but I am still trying to source the piano part as it is listed as a G7 Trinity Guildhall piece and I would like one of my students to play it. Does anyone have any contact details for Peter Kneale or anyone who may be able to help me?
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    Can confirm from speaking to the publisher (Mick Godbehere) that there isn't a piano part for this but he is in discussions to get one arranged.
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    Just out of interest, I'm looking at putting this piece into my band's 2007 programme - what is the range of the solo part?
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    Im no great shakes as a soloist Colin. But with regards to range i have played it on bass trom in the past so its not too stupid.
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    Thanks Gareth - I'll get it in.
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    An update for anyone still interested in getting their hands on a piano part - following discussions with Mick, Peter Kneale and Ben Norbury, Syllabus Manager at Trinity Guildhall Exams an arrangement is being prepared by the Trinity Guildhall.
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    If anybody needs to know any more of the history of this piece let me know. It was written for me by Peter Kneale, and if memory serves me correct it's first performance was in 1981.
    It is published now for either full band or with piano.

    I did get into a little bit of trouble with the composer when I recorded it on Paganini Variations in 1991 as it was still unpublished and neither I nor Doyen asked Peter's permission to record it. We made up our differences some time after.
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    I have recently got the version with piano and would like to query a few notes and a rhythm as I think they are wrong on the 2007 version.

    Bar 9 and 5 bars before B - last crotchet of the bar printed as a G in treble clef, surely this is an F?

    6 bars after A - rhythm printed is different from the rhythm played in your recording (and generally). It is printed as quaver, crotchet, crotchet, crotchet, tied quaver over bar line but is played as quaver, crotchet, dotted crotchet, quaver, tied quaver over barline.

    Any ideas?