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  1. I've seen a few of these lately. I think Stagg do a blue trumpet. What is the finish used on these - is it a kind of blue paint; or just a coloured lacquer?
  2. ok, it says at the Stagg site that they are coloured lacquer - they also sell them in green, red, black and gold. I think the gold looks quite good.

    Even Taylor's produce cornets with silver and gold bits, and blue squiggly decorations - and I've heard they are the best you can buy.

    What do you think of coloured instruments? Do they detract too much from the band's uniform appearance, or do they brighten it up?
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  3. trumpetmike

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    Andy Taylor will produce instruments that look completely standard, but if you want yours to "stand out" a little (or a lot) he will happily oblige - this is what you get when you order from the top-end custom manufacturers (Eclipse Trumpets will do the same).
    I have seen (and played) a Taylor that wouldn't draw a second look - it would DEFINITELY get a second play - great instruments (as are the Eclipse cornets - the Eclipse Red Bell cornet is, in my view, simply the finest cornet on the planet)

    All depends on the colour.
    I am fairly sure that if a band were to turn up all sporting bright pink instruments I am sure there would be many who would denounce them as being a terrible band, however they played. There is a grand sense of "this is the way it has always been done" in the brass band movement (not always a bad thing, let me add) - if you turn up with a gold plated instrument you get quizzical looks, I dread to think what would happen if it was blue :sup

    I imagine a band with completely gold plated instruments would actually look a great deal smarter than many lacquer/silver bands - gold plating doesn't tarnish as easily as silver.
  4. cookie2

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    Lol! Isn't having a coloured instrument a bit like putting those blue lights on the underside of your car? ;)
  5. squirrel

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    You say that like it's a bad thing... ;)
  6. T Winch

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    Back in the early 80's I used to have a Sovereign trumpet that was predominantly green with blue slides and bits of gold. It looked mint. Don't know what a whole band would look like with them though. I eventually traded mine in for a tenor horn when I re-caught the brass band bug
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    Yes they may be tacky but they do provide hours of endless fun winding up the school music teacher. To get the best effect I use mine with a coloured mouthpiece ;)
  8. cookie2

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    Personally I can think of nothing better than the 'ramraided Halfords' look :-?

    Ok, I guess it's no worse than those coloured mouthpieces......
  9. tinytimp

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    I think coloured instruments look quite funky - I'm tempted to spend the princely sum of £99 on a purple flute just for the hell of it! But be wary as most of these instruments tend to sound like a kazoo so I wouldn't bother unless you've got nothing better to do!
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    But why no metallic Blue Tubas? :rolleyes:
  11. squirrel

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    You're just jealous cos they don't do them for flugels

    No comments about ******* yet though... :oops: (can I get away with that?)

    <awaits the first moderator to come along>

    Edit: "No", and it wasn't long to wait, was it?
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  12. Like my sparkly blue one? :cool:

    I think it goes very well with my home-made brown leather valve case :D
  13. squirrel

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    Ok <slaps own wrist> sorry :)
  14. trumpetplayer

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    My blue stagg trumpet sounds OK - its fine for school as a basic trumpet - propbably be OK to Grade 5 or so. I wouldn't use it to play a concerto or in a concert but for £69.00 from e-bay its really good fun. If it gets dented I will just get another one - can't say that about my bach strads.
  15. flugel_fancy

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    I think your instrument is a very personal 'thing' and if you waht it blue or green or pink with purple spots then so be it. If Black Dyke turned up tomorrow with a new selection of multi coloured instruments can you really see many people saying they sound worse because of it? And with most major contests having the adjudicators in thier little curtained huts :wink: would it really make a difference?
    On the other hand I know that when I wear bright colours I tend to be in a more cheerful summery mood than when I wear black. Could having a different coloured instrument have the same effect in your playing? Maybe :tongue:
  16. cookie2

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    It's just another gadget really isn't it? Yeah, yeah, I know, it's dead comfy and you can keep blowing all night.....

    When I get my new 'world cup' flugel in the red and white of the St George's flag I might get one to match. ;)
  17. flugel_fancy

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    From one flugel to another do we really need to stoop to their level :tongue: Maybe just some red and white hats?? No need to ruin an instrument worth keeping looking tidy ;)
  18. cookie2

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    You're quite right of course, flugels need no such petty adornments. We can leave that sort of frivolous nonsense to the cornet section ;)
  19. squirrel

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    With how red you went after your solo on Sunday, and me going white as a sheet after mine, I think we've got it covered :)
  20. cookie2

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    Now that's what I call teamwork! :clap: