Blow for Flowers!

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    With only two days left, Flowers Band's Solo Baritone Player Carolyn Chandler, is facing a race against time to be fighting fit in time to play at the National Finals in London this coming Saturday. The long serving member's back has gone and she is not able to stand or sit, let alone travel to London and play.

    Band Manager Lee Downie commented "Obviously from a banding perspective it is a massive blow for us, as there is a Solo and 2nd Baritone Cadenza in the piece. The new seven day rule has not made matters any easier, as we did not have anyone on the books already that could have helped us out, so we face the possibility of playing without a Solo Baritone. Also, the band are gutted for Carolyn as we wanted her to leave at the very top of banding!"

    Carolyn is understandably upset at the prospect of missing the finals, as it would have been her last contest with the band. She has decided to take up a new challenge in the world of music. Carolyn has always wanted to play Trombone in a big band and now feels the time is right to make that move. Carolyn is currently the longest serving member of the band and after 28 years will be sorely missed. We wish Carolyn a speedy recovery and very much hope that she will be fit to play at the weekend. We would also like to thank her most sincerely for all the dedication, loyalty and commitment she has shown to Flowers Band over many many years.
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    As a fellow baritone/euphomium player who is currently in the same situation with my back (i.e. in agony!) may I send Carolyn all my best wishes for a speedy recovery - it's no fun. I really hope she's able to play. I'd also like to wish the band all the best for the weekend.
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    Bad backs!

    Hello Carolyn, I also have a bad back (degeneration of the lower Spine and Broken Neck) and I wasn't going to miss out playing at Harrogate.....

    So with Wheelchair under foot and Bass Trombone at hand I went on stage and for 15 minutes forgot about the pain and played on.....IF we came last or first I didn't care as long as I was there...

    Anyway we won the 2nd section and with wheelchair still attached to my butt I went and enjoyed our weekend somewhat more than I had planned....So I suggest you hire a wheelchair and get the RAH staff to get you on stage and enjoy your moment....

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    Yeah, but like he said, she can't stand or all depends where the damage is, and the pain is manifesting itself and where it is referring itself to! Wheelchairs that leave you in the standing position exist, but are pretty hard to come by at short notice!

    Been in that condition myself before now too, (thankfully never for a contest, it was a few hours before a big concert the first time it seriously happened to me!) and it was so severe it was the reason I gave up playing "altogether" in 1996, until I later realised it was all a matter of managing things, and playing in a lower section band with less commitments too!

    The added pain relief to the extent I would need for performing may well have made me able to get there, (the back of an estate car maybe!?) although it's a lot longer a problem than just 15 minutes, it's a matter of HOURS even with the best of organisation & would also make me unfit to play a useful note, in the same way several pints would ruin things, so sympathy all round.
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    I suppose so but I have been living with my back now for 9 years which has made me weary of doing what I used to do(Moutain biking, parachuting etc., but I never gave up my music/playing in brass/dance bands.

    I suppose that Carolyn's back went into spasm and over time decided enough was enough, but if she feels happy and can get hold of a wheelchair and the travelling made easyier for her, then go for it . I played in my chair and no matter what I thought about my back the contest itself was a pain distraction that lasted for 16 minutes.

    I couldn't travel by coach and have to use a car for all my travelling arrangements, but I still wanted to be in Harrogate, still wanted to play on stage and in my case still wanted to be part of the experience.....I would also do the same for the RAH if our band ever reaches there.

    But the most important point I am making here is that if the pain is muscular (injections) or Skeletal (as my case) and that is upto the individual to judge.....I do wish here well and that here recovery is a full one, but never give up banding if that is the only thing that gives you pleasure even with the pain.....

    Life is to short to be a lonely person after 28 years with the band you have loved and enjoyed making music with.