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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Charmed, Sep 10, 2005.

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    Hi, as some of you will probably guess I am a great fan of the TV Series 'Charmed'. Sadly I watch at least 2 episodes a day! Unfortunately now they have started to release the series on DVD I am even sadder!


    My name is Susan (I tend to ignore people who call me Sue!) and have lived in and around Doncaster all my life. Professionally, I am an Educaton Welfare Officer. I began playing the Tenor Horn at the age of 12yrs and moved onto French Horn 6 months later. I only got into brass banding at the age of 14yrs when I had a 'disagreement' with my school music teacher which resulted in him taking the french horn from me. My friend at the time played in our local village band 'Thorne Town Silver Band' and invited me to join them on 2nd Horn. I joined Hatfield Band 1yr later when they were in the 3rd Section and have remained with them ever since (24yrs!!!). I had a 6 year break during my first marriage as my ex could not stand brass bands. On seperation I returned to Hatfield and that is where I met my 'current' husband. I played 2nd Horn for a year as 4th Horn then moved to Solo when that chair became vacant a year later. Apart from a short spell on 1st Horn, I remained on Solo until the band were promoted to the 1st Section after the 2003 Area's when I stepped down for our current (and brilliant) Solo Horn player, Lisa O'Connor. As well as playing I have always been a member of the committee (stress!!), treasurer, publicity/promotions, and have been the Secretary for the last 3 years (more stress!). As banding takes up so much of my time I do not have time for other hobbies. Since Hatfield has been promoted to the Championship Section from 2006, my free time has reduced even more. However, the reason I have remained with Hatfield for so long is that we are a 'friendly team' band. 13 members of the band are players that have been with Hatfield since it was in the 3rd Section and 4 of those have over 140yrs between them! Although we are thrilled to have been promoted to the Championship Section for the first time ever, we would be the same happy team no matter what section we play in.

    As with a lot of bandspeople, I also enjoy the social side. Often found slightly the worse for wear in the bar after contests! Hopefully, I have never been an embarrassment!
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    Well Sue (sorry Susan) I can say that you have not been an embarrassment yet when drinking with the rest of us but maybe that could change if we win the Nationals in two weeks time. I suppose there will be a few of of that will be worse for wear if this happens. Mind you not that we need to win to have a few in the bars afterwards.
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    Feeling Left Out!


    Would just like to say how 'left out' I feel. :cry: :cry:

    How come everyone else who introduces themselves gets welcomed!

    Di, I'm really hurt! :wink:

    ps. as this has been a long time since I posted the original, just to let you know, I am no longer a committee member. Stress? What Stress?
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    Well, I'm not Di so this probably only counts for half as much (if that! :biggrin: ), but anyway.....

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    Aww Susan, I'm so sorry I missed you. :( :frown: How can I ever make amends?

    To start with, here's a belated :hi. :biggrin:
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    Thank you, Thank you, now I can go on feeling much more 'wanted'. ;)

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