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    I have been playing the frenchhorn since 6th to 8th grade. Back then I had a little bit of trouble reading music, but I pulled through and eventually became a very good frenchhorn player for my age group.

    When I entered High school, I decided I would stop playing the French Horn and not play music at all. Well, now I am a senior in High School and I am missing a music credit in order to graduate. So they put me in beginners band. The music teacher asked me if I ever played an instrument and I said " Yes, the frenchhorn back in middle school " he then begged me to join his Concert band class because they had no horn player and needed one badly, so I agreed too.

    Big mistake, I grabbed the frenchhorn and I sound horrible, I couldn't believe it, and I also forgot completely how to play music, my tempo and dynamics are all messed up!

    And I have problems hitting several notes, and I have lost all of my ear training, I can BARELY distinguish notes

    I have bought books ( How to read notes and The Art of the Frenchhorn ) but they only do so little

    So I need tips/suggestions to bring me up to date with my fellow classmates. I know practice is key, which I am doing, but I would like to speed up the process.

    Thanks in advancel :cool:
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    The Farkas tutor is a good general read but a little OTT in my opinion regarding embouchure and his method for no pressure playing (.. MY opinion). If your sense of pitch is wayward, try some software programmes like Auralia or Musition to get back on track. Start subdividing bars and beats to start getting the feel of basic rythmn again. Oh, and take your time and get building from scratch using playing techniques that won't cause any long term damage, i.e., get advice from a respected horn teacher.