Blag of a Lifetime

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  1. MRSH

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    Fabulous .... I hope to God common sense prevails and they only chase him to award him an MBE for initiative

    Blag of a lifetime

    TRUE STORY: Outside Bristol Zoo there is a car park where cars and coaches can park. There was also a nice bloke with a hat and ticket machine charging cars £1 and coaches £5. This parking attendant worked there for about 25 years , then one day didn't turn up for work...Ho hum say Bristol Zoo management- Better phone up Bristol City Council and get them to send a new parking attendant......Err no say the Council...That car park is your responsibility...Err no say Bristol Zoo the attendant was employed by you wasn't he....Err NO!!!!

    Sitting in his villa in Spain is a bloke who had been taking the car park takings for Bristol Zoo for the last 25 years...
  2. ronnie_the_lizard

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    Ummm ... do you have any evidence that this story is true? There is a carp[ark at Bristol but it parking has for years been the subject of planning debates between council, zoo and residents and it seems unlikely that anything like this would have been missed.

    Personally I find it hard to believe anything in an e-mail that begins "This is a true story...."
  3. MRSH

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    Erm.....I didn't think for one minute that it was true. I just thought it was funny and wondered why nobody had actually tried it!!!!! :rolleyes:

    Now where's that fishing rod ;)
  4. Chris Hicks

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    there are parking attendents at bristol zoo but don't think this story is true!
  5. Leyfy

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    be nice if it was tho :)
  6. steve butler

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    I think that little fella in your garden has it

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