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Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by baritone impresario, May 16, 2003.

  1. Has anyone heard yet if it is taking place this year ?.I keep hearing rumours that ciswo are skint and it may not take place.

  2. Bones

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    Trust you to start on a controversial note.

    There has been some concern as to whether the contest will go ahead, as my eloquent colleague from South Yorkshire's finest, has already elaborated.

    My wife Jane (Solo Horn, Carlton Main) has tried to get in touch with CISWO to establish where they are with the contest and if it is going ahead. Largely so we know whether or not to book a hotel etc. We hope to have an answer to post here next week for your info. Rememebr though, you must check this for yourselves. I don't fancy a barrage of complaints if we get told one thing and you find out another.

    As you may have gathered CMFC fancy going this year, so hopefully it will go ahead.


  3. satchmo shaz

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    it would be nice to see CMF there again after a long absence :wink:
  4. BoozyBTrom

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    Just to be picky. I didnt realise CMFC had moved rehersal rooms. South Yorkshire!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Being Frickley Born and Bread I had always been lead to belive that South Elmsall was West Yorkshire.

    Please dont move it any further the wrong way. Living in the North East as I do now I get enough hammer about being a southerner so please please please dont move my home further down the wrong end of the country
    :wink: :wink:
  5. sparkling_quavers

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    oh no!!! *cries* keep us in touch with what is going on!!!
  6. Bones

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    Apologies, being a softy Midlander in Yorky band I don't know whether we are south, north, east or west, I just know it's a dozen junctions up the M1
  7. geordiecolin

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    definitely down south, i went to mansfield the other week, i thought that if we travelled south much further we'd be in the english channel!!
    southerners! a divn't knaa aboot them like...
  8. BoozyBTrom

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    Its OK Rich will let you off this time. I just have a complex now after living with these northern monkeys for too long.
  9. Brian

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    Blackpool Contest..

    Typical Northerner...Mansfield is in the Midlands,try going as far south as Northants, and you will get wet..

    Hope the CISWO Contest does keep going, without it in the Brass band Calendar,there would be a big gap...Used to be very good when it first started in 1960, in September, all the shows still on and reasonable weather.......

    P.S. Nick Harris , don't tell me I actually taught an Impressario ? But still as subtle as ever
  10. Hornted

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    Blackpool Mineworkers Competition

    So the news is out the contest is definately cancelled - really disappointing that in this day and age that the contest cannot be run successfully. All it needed in my view was a major overhall - closed adjudication - etc. Possibly moved to a cheaper venue etc.etc

    It would be nice if another body could take over the rights to run the contest and the trophies etc.

    I know sponsorship is a problem but with some determination and hard work it could be possible[/u]
  11. satchmo shaz

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    Re: Blackpool Mineworkers Competition

    I totally agree! the senior trophy, cup and sheild are well run at the same venue!!
  12. sparkling_quavers

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    Re: Blackpool Mineworkers Competition

    isn't it still just a rumour?? it's not been confirmed has it?!!?!?!?! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
  13. satchmo shaz

    satchmo shaz Active Member

    yep see news on 4br :cry:
  14. sparkling_quavers

    sparkling_quavers Active Member

  15. neiltwist

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    damn. this isn't fair, the first year I was going to go aswell. :(
  16. iancwilx

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    Really dreadful news - a fabulous banding weekend is no more.
    Surely, as others have suggested, the event could be moved to a cheaper venue, or other co-sponsors sought out.
    Perhaps even the National Lottery could be approached to shell out a few bob to preserve a little bit of our historic industrial heritage. They're big on "Community" projects.
    If we applied for funds for "Musical activities for displaced persons and socially disadvantaged communities," some libertine, left wing Government quango would probably "Rubber stamp" it without a second glance !!!
    I know Stones Brewery have been involved in the past. Surely some other organisation would be interested in attaching their logo to the event.
    Personally I think that rather than let the contest die, it should be moved to the City Hall in Sheffield, a central area of mining activity in the past. The lower sections could take place on the same day in other mining towns such as Barnsley or Doncaster etc. etc.
    It is too good a contest to let die without a fight - the only advantage in its demise is that the National Birthrate would probably drop significantly.
  17. Hornted

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    Blackpool Mineworkers Competition

    So it is worth trying to set up a body to represent all the bands contected with the Mineworkers to try to rescue the contest. If all bands were willing to may a small joining fee for the new association then we could get something started. Which the help and support of the membership we could run a contest, perhaps on a smaller scale to begin with.

    I guess if we looked at a central venue and arranged a meeting to try and canvas the level of support it might be an idea.

    Also as a fund raiser I guess we could look at the bands of the top end of the rankings with Mineworker connections to but on some sort of scratch band proms concert. Taking the proceeds for the 1st contest. I really think this could be possible

    I would welcome comments from the rest of you as to see if you think this is worth the effort - or do we just lie down and let the contest die.
  18. sorry to say it but what did i tell you.i knew that the contest might not take place a couple of months ago. my mum had heard about it at her ex miners wives club!!!!!!!!!!!! ooh er .but anyway i agree with the idea of a massed colliery band concert as a fundraiser.i also agree with changing venue.the winter gardens must cost a packet.I would also like ciswo to open up abit more and maybe let outsiders help so that the resposobility does'nt rest on the minoritys one of the last few coal miners i would hate to see another part of our heritage die .lets hope that miracles do happen and i for one would like to help in any capacity i could.

  19. michellegarbutt

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    I agree we can't let this historic contest go without a fight
  20. Bones

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    It is a real shame that one of the best and most enjoyable contests of the year is gone. But a few observations

    The thorny issues of open vs. closed adjudicator may potentially be a contributory factor to the drop in attendance from some bands

    I paid £3 for a program and entry last year. Mind bogglingly cheap, compared to the Nationals and the Masters. Upping that to a £5 wouldn't be beyond the wit of man.

    I echo the sentiments of Nick Harris, CISWO appeared to have kept it a closed shop, it needs to engage the likes of Phil Biggs and Martin Mortimer who have vast experience in making these things work and obtaining sponsorship for them. I cite the Masters as an example.

    Venue, I like the Winter Gardens, it has enough rooms to cater for all bands. I'll welcome alternative ideas, I just don't know of anywhere else that can accomodate the contest.

    Welcome any comments. This contest can't just go away.



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