Blackley Band raising funds for Manchester Children's Hospitals

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    The Blackley Band are hosting a fundraising concert for the Manchester Children's Hospitals!

    This event will take place at the Blackley Community Centre, Victoria Avenue, Manchester.

    All tickets are priced at £5 and the concert will start at 7:30.

    For more information please email me

    This concert was organised in memory of Alex and Adie's young nephew who sadly passed away this time last year aged just 19months, it is too show our appreciation to all the nurses, doctors and support staff at Booth Hall Children's Hospital, which will be closing down in the next couple of years!!
    Please invite friends and family to enjoy the show, there will be refreshments available and a raffle. All profits will be donated to the Hospitals appeal (registered charity number: 1049274).

    May I also take this opportunity to thank all the guest players that will be sitting in with the band on the evening to show their support, any more players that think they would like to give their time please contact the email address above.
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    The concert is on Saturday 29th March
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    Very worthy cause,
    Would be good to see as many there as possible
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    Something else that perhaps people should know about Blackley Band is that on Christmas Morning every year they visit Booth Hall Hospital to play carols for all the kids who are too poorly to go home for Christmas. I did it with them a couple of times and it can be a heart-rending experience, but it's obviously appreciated so much by everyone at the hospital. Well done guys :clap: .

    If you need any help on the back row give me a shout, but I'll certainly be there for a listen anyway.

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