Black Dyke Tuba/Euphonium/Baritone Festival Event

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    Hi everyone,

    Further to the post below about the Black Dyke Heritage Festival, I'd like to tell everyone a few more details about the Tuba/Euphonium/Baritone Day on Saturday 30th May.

    Its starts at 11.30am (for registration) and will be done at 4.30pm - though people are obviously welcome to stay on for the eveing concert.

    Updates to previous information:

    As well as Charley Brighton and his fantastic collection of Vintage euphoniums we will also have two other stands in our display room - Band Supplies Instruments and Accessories Retailers will be with us (so you can stock up on valve oil, metronomes and new euphoniums) and there will also be an exhibition of Brass Band Heritage Memorabilia. These will be open all day but the best chance for you will be at 4.30pm after the Low Brass event has finished and before the evening concert.

    Also, the repertoire for the day has been chosen and will include an amazing transcription of the orchestral showpiece 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' by Paul Dukas. This will be performed by everyone (around 50 low brass performers!!) by the end of the day. We will have some smaller chamber groups rehearsing on the day as well and they will work on pieces such as Beethoven's 'Egmont Overture', 'Euphoniums For You' by Japanese composer Yasuhide Ito and 'Cool Suite' by Peter Smalley.

    The recital performance from Joe Cook and myself will include a piece for Marching Euphonium and Synthesized Accompaniment by Philip Wilby called 'Rock', as well as a piece called 'Dancing King' for Tuba and CD by American composer Jesse Ayes.

    Topping this is of course the visit by Legends - John Clough, Geoff Whitham and Derek Jackson - who will take part in a question and answer session led by some of our younger participants, but of course will be available to answer questions and chat to all our participants.

    The day is once again proving to be very popular and we already have more people than last year signed up well before the day - but there's always room for more!! Get your friends and colleagues (and even rivals!) involved and bring them along. People can turn up on the day, but it's really useful if I know names and details of anyone beforehand. We have a junior ensemble this year too (with players of around grade 1-3) so any youngsters that want to join in would also be really welcome!!

    Anyone interested please contact me at or 07702 344468. Its only £5 for the day (and free tickets are available for Low Brass Day participants for the evening concert - but you must reserve them with Alison Childs on or 07802 771735. Tickets for others can be booked at Leeds Town Hall Box Office on 0113 224 3801 (£10 each).

    That's all for now - I'll continue with updates as they come in.......

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    Here is a brief list of the display instruments;

    Highams of Manchester 5 valve Euphonium, 1891, brass
    Highams of Manchester 5 valve Euphonium, 1902, s/p
    Highams of Manchester 3 valve E flat tuba, 1895, s/p

    Besson Enharmonic 3 valve Baritone, 1920’s s/p
    Besson Enharmonic 3 valve Euphonium, 1920’s s/p
    Besson Enharmonic 4 valve Euphonium, 1920’s s/p

    Hawkes & Son Dictor 4 valve Euphonium, 1920’s, brass
    Hawkes & Son Emperor 4 valve E flat Cavalry Tuba, 1912, brass

    Salvation Army Bandmaster 4 valve Euphonium, 1930’s s/p

    Conn 3 valve Euphonium, 1933, lacquer

    DEG 2 valve marching Baritone in G, 1970’s s/p

    Boosey & Hawkes Imperial 4 valve compensating Euphonium, 1980’s s/p