Black Dyke trombones @ Bromley Temple saturday 20th March

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  1. Vegasbound

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    Bromley trombone workshop in association with the British trombone society present

    Black Dyke trombone Section at Bromley temple salvation army for a days workshop and evening concert!

    full details at
  2. PeterBale

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    Pity it's the same day as the Areas :mad:
  3. Vegasbound

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    Peter ....the date was selected by Bromley trombone workshop and yes it is unfortuanate it clashes with the 3rd & 4th sections areas!
  4. Vegasbound

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    Bromley Temple Salvation Army is hosting a Trombone Focus Day, in association with The British Trombone Society, open to all trombone players, regardless of age or ability.

    The aim of the day is to inspire, motivate and encourage all trombonists in the Salvation Army London South East Division and beyond; all are are welcome (SA or otherwise).

    The cost of the day is £9.00 per person, which includes a hot lunch, and tea & coffee etc during the day and entrance to the evening festival. Visitors also welcome to come and listen during the workshop.

    There will be a concert in the evening, featuring the Black Dyke Trombone Quartet, supported by Bromley Temple Band, which will also include participation of a trombone choir comprising of the delegates from the workshop.

    The events will take place on Saturday 20th March:

    Workshop: 9.45 - 5.00

    Evening Festival: 7.00 (£3 entry payable on the door)
  5. JAlexK

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    If anyone from the Northwest London / Watford / St Albans area is going to the workshop and would like a lift then please let me know.

    Seems a shame to go with an empty car...

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