Black Dyke - Perth Concert Hall 29 March

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  1. bbg

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    Only two weeks to go until the eagerly anticipated return of Dyke to Perth!
    Their first visit in April 2006 was a fantastic occasion, a class band playing in a superb venue to a full house, here's to more of the same. Are Campbeltown running a bus through again - that is if they've recovered from their Scottish Championship celebrations?
  2. BbBill

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    Not going to manage a bus load up this time as most of them are playing at one of the local music festival that day, so just heading up myself. Nearly all sold out apart from a few balcony seats at the back, the ticket woman said!

    Ps. it was good to meet you last weekend, pity that guy wanted an interview for radio2 when we were speaking!!
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  3. tom_leather

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    Just bagged a few tickets at the back of the balcony, a few more left but not many by the sounds of things.
    Really looking forward to it! :tup
  4. Moy

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    Managed to get 2 today - phewwwwww.
    Really looking forward to hearing some good sounds. :clap:
    Got blacony as well - think row J
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  5. Moy

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    Blacony - where is that????

    Am I tired or what - balcony.:oops:
  6. Danny

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    Might not be playing at Perth. Got to go back into hospital on Tuesday for an operation on my ankle. Just depends when I get out. Hopefully in time for the weekend. Are you staying at our hotel?
  7. BbBill

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    Nah couldnt get in there, twas full! Staying not far from the hall tho, so should be up for a few drinks with yous if thats ok! Did I see you in the car with Morv heading to Campbeltown on Friday?! That was us heading up the road for the YABB trip!

    Hope your doing alrite with your ankle!! You needing a dep.........?!!!!!!!!! haha! I can only dream!!
  8. bbg

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    Great night last night, and tMP poster extraordinaire, Mr Willie Ralston himself, got a name check from the stage from Dr Childs no less...methinks a certain ex-Campeltown young lady now at Dyke may have had something to do with it?
    In the absence of Richard Marshall, who was soloist with the NYBBGB in deepest Englandshire somewhere, the principal cornet chair last night was occupied by that same young lady, Morvern Gilchrist, who did a fantastic job. Is this possibly the first time that a lady has occupied the "hot seat" for Black Dyke?
  9. Joe Soap

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    Could you give us an idea of their programme soloists etc.


  10. bbg

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    Programme was:

    Walking with Heroes Lovatt-Cooper
    Magic Flute Overture Mozart
    Fantasie Originale Manta
    Euph solo - David Thornton
    Music from the Elizabethan Court Howarth
    Evergreen arr Catherall
    Horn solo - Sandy Smith
    Paganini Variations Wilby


    Cappriccio Espagnol Rimsky-Korsakov
    D L Blues Lusher
    Trom sol - Brett Baker
    Donegal Bay Lovatt-Cooper
    Bari solo - Gareth Brindle
    Czardas Monti
    Eb Bass solo - Joseph Cook

    "Black Dyke at the Movies":
    Mission Impossible arr Fernie
    Soul Bossa Nova arr Duncan
    I will Follow Him arr Richards

    Vitae Aeternum Lovatt-Cooper

    Encores: I'll Walk with God, and Bach's Toccata & Fugue
  11. bbg

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    Sory - I thought that I'd "spaced" text to keep composers/arrangers over to the right!
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  13. swisscornet

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    Didn't Lynda Nicholson play principal for Black Dyke at some CD recordings in the early nineties?
  14. helen_euph

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    Yes, Lynda definately played Principal Cornet on the Gregson Vol 2 CD, can't remember if she played on any others or if she played Principal on a concert (I was only a youngster in the early nineties!!!! Shaun (zak!) just said I've had a hard life - will kill him in a minute! ;) )
  15. KMJ Recordings

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    You have ;)
  16. helen_euph

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    Keith, that is not nice!!! :tongue: Hope you're OK...
  17. smaca

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    Sat in the front row with my wife for concert. My wife simply has never been into "brass bands" in anyway, but was certainly entertained at this concert. She was amazed at the quality of sound, skill and delivery of this world class outfit.

    There were so many positives to mention in one post, but I can list some of the major ones.

    1. How professional Dr. Childs was(not just the conducting)
    2. How well Miss Gilchrist did under some pressure of being " home".
    3. Quality of soloists (the sound and control both Sandy Smith and
    Gareth Brindle produced on their chosen solos was astounding)
    4. My life long tutor and friend Jim Smith getting the opportunity to
    guest with this world class ensemble.
    5. To hear Alex Kerwin produce a Flugel sound that was so unique and
    full of quality(my wife who knows nothing about bands commented
    on the " beautiful tone that girl has who sits next to the guy who
    played that Barbra Streisand tune")

    All in all a fantastic night, and the only disappointment for my wife was when she commented in the car on the way home "I wish that girl who played Flugel would have played that tune that was in that film about the the band from Yorkshire who's conductor took not well and they played outside the hospital for him"!.
  18. swisscornet

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    Is she the new flugel of Black Dyke or just helping out?
  19. Moy

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    Great to hear and see Sandy back playing with Dyke.
    Great sound from him and the band.
    Thought it was Alex playing flugel and was well impressed.
    Very professional from all as expected:clap:

    Well done to all.
  20. BbBill

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    Yeh, what a great concert on Sat night, was so proud of Morv leading the band on her home soil!! Very few seats left in the 1200 (I think) seater hall, and the band gave the audience a superb program! Took my girlfriend along to her 1st band concert and she loved it, she also hadnt seen much of Morv since school, and was great for Jennifer to see her playing and for them to catch up after.

    Twas abit of a shock getting a mention from Nick Childs halfway through the concert, I suppose Im due some payback from Morv, if she had anything to do with it!!! Cant mind exactly what he said, something about Dannys ankle and also the distances folk travel but remember shouting out I was a farmer and then he commented on my cows and sheep in front of all the audience, which was rather embarrasing!!! :oops:

    Was also great to catch up with some of the band later, was slightly rough on Sunday after staying up drinking till 6am!! :rolleyes: