Black Dyke Mills Band - 1970 - High Peak

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  1. John Brooks

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    Hi everyone,
    I was just trying to listen to the 1992 compilation "The Golden Sound of Black Dyke Mills Band - Volume 1 - High Peak put out by R. Smith on their RSR Label. Unfortunately, the last track has become unplayable for some reason. I've tried to find a copy on iTunes without success. Does anyone know of a source for this specific track?
  2. Andy_Euph

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    Is it the same CD that has Petite Suite de Ballet on it? If so I have the tracks and I can email you the High Peak recording if you'd like.
  3. John Brooks

    John Brooks Well-Known Member

    Hi Andy,
    Yes, that's the one. I would very much appreciate your email. Send to: Thank you!
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    To John Brooks, not on topic but a warning to you and anyone else, please delete your E Mail address in the above post and if needed send it to Andy via a personal message. Never ever post your E Mail address on any open forum.
    Spambots (Spam creating robots) will collect that address from this open forum and you will finish up with loads of rubbish spam in your E Mail in box. Also, if your E Mail password is not a strong one, hackers can steal your identity, then use it to send spam or dangerous E Mail to everyone on your contact list.
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  5. John Brooks

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    Thanks Cornet Nev. Deleted accordingly.