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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Sonny Barker, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. Sonny Barker

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    I'm seeing a quite a bit of comment on 4br about Black Dyke and an alleged infraction at the European.

    Can anyone explain to me what the debate revolves around, please?

  2. PeterBale

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    As I understand it, questions were raised concering the registration of Ben Rapp, who had, I believe, played for a Welsh band at some stage prior to the contest. The European authorities expressed their opinion that all was in order, but there still seems to be some ongoing debate.
  3. nickjones

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    this makes the case for one UK registry more valid , presently a player can be signed with 3 seperate cards from Wales , Scotland and the GB card ( or whatever cards English Bands use).
    Ben played for Tredegar at the area , I don't know if his Welsh Registry card was cancelled (maybe this is where the complaint is that there were two cards for one player) so he could be signed for the European.
    This isn't the first time there has been transfer card irregularities ,I think it is time for one registry system.It might stop these "mistakes".
  4. Steve

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    All depends if you come first or second i guess, if it had finished the other way Im sure there would be no problem
  5. uncle eric

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  6. Big Gav

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    Can I remind you that the complaint, sorry enquiry, did not come from BAYV!
  7. JR

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    Absolutely right NicK!!
    Let's hear it for a global registry - the only (slightly) disappointing thing about the New Zealand Championships that we attended earlier this year was the preponderance of British guest players - in fact there were so many ringers present I was surprised there was'nt a camera crew there from Channel 4 Racing...
    Come on - the least we can do is develop a European registry, I mean who does the excellent Raf van Looveren play for? (sorry if mis-splelt) is it Willebroek, is it Sellers? or is it a Swiss band?

    John r