Black Dyke Disqualified?

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by DS2014, Mar 24, 2015.

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    Oops!! Easy mistake to make though. One of the Midlands bands had to tell one of their players that he had to miss the contest because for whatever reason the Registry hadn't processed his registration in time and so weren't disqualified! At least the rules are being applied equally to all.
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    Does anyone know how this affects the grading tables? Are they given maximum points? If so, what would that mean for their section status?
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    Affects Hatfield more - they would have been promoted to Championship section had their result stayed. Now theyre halfway down 1st section
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    And what about Dyke - they'll end up quite low in the grading table, so a 5th/6th next year would see them relegated? I don't know enough about the grading system...
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    Assuming Dyke don't get disqualified again next year, they'll stay up with ease - 6 bands within 4 points of them at the bottom of the table going into next year, none of them (with all due respect) in the same class. They'd need to come in the bottom few.
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    You mean, like 13th out of 15? Like 2003 with "Prague" ... ?
    Never say never ...
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    Did'nt Black Dyke Bands management just win a special 4barsrest award for their diligence ??? Don't worry chaps their launching an internal examination, bend over Mr contest secratary and think of England.
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    Well if they did have another disaster next year, I daresay that "Come on, we're Black Dyke, recent kickers of contesting derrieres at the Nationals, Open, and Europeans, and consistently ranked as one of the best bands in the world for 150 continuous years; does the 1st section really deserve the demoralising task of competing against us?" wouldn't be bad grounds for any possible appeal against relegation...
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    I reckon they should do a Glasgow Rangers on them and put them in the 4th Section - For trying to pull a fast one!
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