Black Dyke CD on NAXOS ...

Discussion in ' User Reviews' started by brassneck, Nov 4, 2007.

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  2. John Brooks

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    I went to the HMV buy it online link and it says that it's due for release at the end of November. They're apparently taking pre-orders.
  3. Bass Trumpet

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    Good, it's about time bands were recorded by mainstream labels again. Not downplaying Doyen/WOB/Chandos, but specialist labels tend to market themselves within that particular genre, so to see a big player like Naxos releasing a band cd can only be a good thing.
  4. brassneck

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    Although Amazon seems to be pre-order as well, the classical pulse link via NAXOS gives no indication of that! :confused:
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    Looks to be a good Cd, I checked out their catalouge, Hope I can get it here downunder.
    I did manage to get a couple of Dyke recordings in June on a Trip to the UK and found some older recordings in an HMV shop, They apeared to be recordings from the 70's Still a good listen