Black Dyke Brass Festival 2009

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    Black Dyke Brass Festival 2009
    Heritage Symposium
    Partnering the Past and Fostering the Future’

    The 2009 Black Dyke Brass Festival will be a special year in the band’s long and distinguished history. The festival and Heritage Sytmposium aims to pass on some of its hard-won core values to future generations, to place new music alongside established repertoire, and to counterpoint some stars of the future with legends of the past and present. This year’s Festival marks the start of the band’s five-year commissioning policy, which will culminate in 2014 with the premiere of a substantial new score by the leading international composer James McMillan.

    The festival starts with an on-line lecture-recital as the band and its director give an illustrated overview of their 155-year history, beginning with rare music taken from John Foster’s 1855 octet books, also music from the Golden Period, featuring Elgar, Holst and Ireland. The band’s lecture will be available as a worldwide educational resource on the Black Dyke website during and after the weekend. One of the over-riding ambitions at Queensbury is to involve and inspire young performers to aim at the highest level. Accordingly, there will be a young composer’s workshop led by Paul Hamlyn Award winner Emily Howard, and a combined performance featuring Black Dyke in concert with the 60 young musicians of the Yorkshire Youth Brass Band. The British Trombone Society have accepted an invitation to participate in the Lower Brass Focus, when it is anticipated that 120 local players will join a sequence of daytime workshops, and we are pleased that New Music, including scores by Prof. Peter Graham and Philip Harper will feature prominently.

    The Black Dyke Band stands at the centre of a worldwide culture, ranging from Australasia to Scandinavia and North America. Thanks to its wide legacy of recording and an increasing amount of internet performance, brass players around the globe regard its activities as a musical high-water mark, and we believe that by supporting its continuing activities, the social and musical values of the United Kingdom are equally well served.

    We hope that you will enjoy this Festival, and would like to acknowledge our wonderful partnership with Leeds Metropolitan University and this year we are also supported by Heritage Lottery Fund, where our accent is firmly on ‘Partnering the Past and Fostering the Future’.

    The schedule for the weekend is as follows:

    Brass Arts Festival
    Heritage Symposium
    29th - 31st May 2009
    Gandhi Hall, Headingley Campus,
    Leeds Metropolitan University
    Leeds Town Hall

    Black Dyke Band
    Director of Music Dr Nicholas J. Childs
    Artistic Directors
    Professors Philip Wilby and Peter Graham

    Tickets available from Leeds Town Hall Box Office 0113 224 3801
    Festival Administrator Alison Childs 01457 820138

    ‘Supported by Heritage Lottery Fund’

    ‘Partnering the Past and Fostering the Future’

    Friday 29th May

    7.45 pm
    Inaugural lecture "History of Brass Bands"
    Professor Nicholas Childs and the Black Dyke Band
    Exhibition of Brass Band Heritage Golden Period
    The Gandhi Hall - admission free
    Saturday 30th May

    Lower Brass Spotlight - led by David Thornton and Joseph Cook
    The Gandhi Hall - admission £5 donation

    Warm-up and ‘building playing techniques’
    Chamber music sessions
    Celebrity Recital
    In Conversation with Black Dyke Legends
    Brass Band Heritage proud of the past and fostering the future.
    Performance Platform
    16.00 Massed Finale
    To register for Lower Brass Spotlight contact David Thornton 0770 234 4468
    Saturday 30th May

    Gala Concert Black Dyke Band, Gandhi Hall
    Conductors Dr Nicholas Childs, Prof. Philip Wilby and Prof. Peter Graham

    Reception Alumni Guests - Acre Room
    Pre - Concert talk Philip Wilby, Peter Graham, Paul Lovatt-Cooper and Philip Harper,
    Performance including
    Black Dyke Band performing live to film of Paul Lovatt-Cooper’s
    Immortal and Rubbing Shoulders With Champions
    World Premiere, Philip Harper’s Willow Pattern
    Philip Wilby’s Euphonium Concerto and Peter Graham’s Harrison’s Dream.
    Interval Refreshments available - Acre Room Tickets £10 available from Leeds Town Hall
    Box Office Tel 0113 224 3801

    Sunday 31st May

    British Trombone Society Workshop
    Albert Room - Admission £5 donation - free to BTS members

    Registration and view exhibition stands
    Massed Blow
    Composers Collective : Workshop and recording, with Philip Wilby and Emily Howard,
    Black Dyke Trombone Quartet, and Steven Sykes, Winner Radio 2
    Young Brass Soloist 2009
    Music by composers from the Yorkshire Youth Band, Junior RNCM, and prize-winners
    of the BTS Composers’ Competition
    Massed Trombone Ensemble
    To register for British Trombone Society Workshop contact Brett Baker 07773 201736

    Sunday 31st May

    Gala Concert
    Black Dyke Band with special guests Yorkshire Youth Brass Band
    Grand Finale with over 200 musicians from Delph, Hebden Bridge, and Wardle Bands
    performing Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture
    Conductors Dr Nicholas Childs and Philip Wilby

    Pre- concert talk with Philip Wilby and Peter Graham
    15.00 Performance including
    Montage Peter Graham
    Breathless Alleluia Philip Wilby
    Solar Eclipse Paul Lovatt-Cooper

    Elgar Room
    Exhibition of Memorabilia, photographs, manuscripts of the Brass Band Heritage

    Tickets £14, £12, £10, £8, £7 available from Leeds Town Hall Box Office Tel 0113 224 3801
    Festival Administrator Alison Childs 01457 820138

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    Looking forward to it.

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    Free tickets offer

    Black Dyke have a limited amount of FREE TICKETS for under 18's for the Sunday 31st May Gala Concert by Black Dyke Band and Yorkshire Youth Band at Leeds Town Hall 3pm. Email to get yours. First come first served. Thanks.
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    Please see below for update
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    The world famous Black Dyke Band in partnership with Leeds Met will be broadcasting a live Gala concert on the internet, Saturday May 30th from 7pm to 9pm.

    To watch the event live visit:

    The concert will also be available to view online following the performance.

    Black Dyke Band
    Principal Conductor Professor Nicholas Childs
    Euphonium Soloist David Thornton
    Gandhi Hall 7.00 pm
    Saturday 30th May
    Academic Fanfare Peter Graham
    Harrison’s Dream Peter Graham
    Willow Pattern World Premiere Philip Harper
    Rubbing Shoulders with Champions Paul Lovatt-Cooper
    Euphonium Concerto Philip Wilby
    Euphonium Soloist David Thornton
    Immortal Paul Lovatt-Cooper
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    Don't forget to remind your rep player that it's being streamed live. That's if it's the same one who was in Glasgow last Saturday.

    Behaving like a kid all the way through a concert is a pet hate of mine (see Grimey/Webster thread) especially with tickets @ £25 a shot. Come to think of it maybe he was auditioning for Grimey. I'm surprised the Sop put in such a fine performance considering the distractions on his left!

    Very fine performance from the band in spite of this. Looking forward to tomorrow's concert ..... excellent idea.
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    :oops: ... oops! I forgot! Anyone watched it?
  9. PeterBale

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    Wasn't able to listen live, and the video doesn't seem to have been posted yet.

    Friday's illustrated lecture is there, though, complete with ophicleide in the small group at the start!
  10. brassneck

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    I saw the ophicleide and other period instruments used in this evening's offering about Mendelssohn on BBC2 ... The Birth Of British Music
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    Rosolino, Thank you for your constructive comments regarding the band's performance in Glasgow, we very much enjoyed the concert too. Many different ingredients go into a successful performance. Of course, whether the performance is a success or not will always be in the eye of the beholder (or the ear!). For instance, one of my favourite recordings is the 1990 winning performance of 'English Heritage' and it is not without its imperfections, yet it is still very enjoyable. Hopefully you can see that the fun and comaradarie that is present with the band, contributes to our music making. All the best for the future Brian, Johnny 'the kid' Doyle
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    Today's concert was fantastic. 1812 overture in particular was awesome - my ears are still ringing!

    Many thanks to all the players at Black Dyke that work with the Yorkshire Youth Brass Band. Both my sons get a great deal out of working with such amazing musicians.

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    Fun and camaradarie are certainly part of an enjoyable performance but when "the kid" behaves like a kid for 80% of a performance and gets the Sop to count for him (not something you'd expect at Dyke) then ...

    Imperfections are what make life so enjoyable whether it is playing, listening, chatting to former Normans/Besson employees, maybe even the editors of certain brass mags or reading posts on tmp.

    Thanks for the best wishes Johnny ..... I'll be sure to pass them on to Brian

    Simon "the Hove Edge One" Gresswell :biggrin:
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    Rosolino (Whoever you are)
    Stop signing your posts with my name.

    Hove Edge
    Simon Gresswell
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    Thanks Charley for these, if you don't mind I've posted the one with Joe (Jim Shepherd's grandson) on Facebook as it's such a lovely photo.

    Great to meet you finally.

    A great weekend and a fabulous concert to finish yesterday with the tremendous Yorkshire Youth Band, Hebden Bridge, Newstead and Black Dyke Band.
  17. Highams

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    No problem, that was actually taken by Steve Gardner, from the YYBB.

  18. rosolino

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    Sorry Simon. Old age doesn't come alone .... I sometimes forget who I am.

    It won't happen again.

    ps You're still my favourite Sop player.
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    It must be tough to remember that your nickname is Pie and Beans hey Brian!!!!!
  20. pienbeans

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    Thanks for the mention Danny ...... got a call to say you were concerned about my state of mind ...... not joining SuBo in the Priory just yet!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have I won the exclamation mark competition??????????????


    Nickname was from my good friends at Kirkie ..... Paul Molloy & Paddy Murray ...... real bassists ..... well at least I got the first & last letters right ...... not to mention the 2nd & 3rd. lol
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