Black Dyke Band Hall Tour

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Aurora771, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Aurora771

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    I've always had a certain curiosity of how the big bands rehearse, their libraries, their acoustics and so on. Seeing as it is considerably unlikely I'd ever go to the Black Dyke Band Hall, I found this video from 4BR very interesting and I'm glad I watched. I especially liked the old historical band music.

    What did you all think?
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  3. E flat fred

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    a very enlightening and enjoyable journey. I just wish I was able to make it myself instead of watching the video.
  4. critic

    critic Member

    very good indeed
  5. Beesa

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    That was an excellent video. Thanks for posting.

    I would love to go along too one day for a look even though I have seen the video (doesn't that kind of tie-in with another thread about live-streaming contests?)

    Maybe Black Dyke might wonder if they would have been better staying in their original band room rather than moving into the very wonderful modern acoustically tailored-made one downstairs?

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