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    Hi. Just wondered if anyone else thinks the Australian tour video diaries are awful. I know it is somewhat sacrilegious to say anything out of turn about Black Dyke, but surely I can’t be the only person that thinks everyone in that band needs a right good slap.
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    Black Dyke, Grimethorpe etc... - when I was a lad... these bands were fantastic, outstanding players, very entertaining and the best in the business...
    and now it appears (to me) that they know it and show off with an air of 'Im the best in the world' arrogance.
    Maybe they should look at some of the European brass bands, (new, stylish, extremely entertaining, fabulous players, and exceptionally classy acts) and take note that being paid the most doesn't mean your the best...
    Maybe im just getting old...
  3. I think it would be rather unfair to tar us all with the same brush. As I have been unable to see the video pod casts of the Australian tour (my computer won't play them for some reason) I can't really comment on the videos directly, however, having played for both Dyke and Grimethorpe and know the personnel, I have to say that however they may come across, they are far from bigheaded, arrogant or any other dimunitive superlative for that matter.

    Playing for any of the big bands is a great honour, and no matter who you are, putting on the jacket and representing such an institution gives you such a sense of pride. This can sometimes overwhelm you when coming off stage or on a tour of Australia!

    Secondly, putting in years of hard work and achieving your 'dream' in my opinion gives you some privelage, and if that means being able to ssay you play for one of the world's greatest bands, then so be it. I don't think a single person would not feel this way (even if they'd never admit it!)

    Finally, we all recognise that our movement is made up of all abilities, and we as a movement would not be able to function without the input of every band at every level. We at Grimethorpe certainly recognise this, and I am confident, no matter how they may come across in the videos, that Dyke feel the same way. They're touring Australia with James Morrison, and I'm sure they're being made to feel very special out there, give them their moment cause they work damn hard!

    Here endeth the lesson! ;)
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    Well said Arfon.

    I had the honour of helping Dyke out a few weeks ago. There are no egos in that band and they work incredibly hard. How many other bands would see all the principal players help pack and load the percussion after a gig (in the pouring rain)? They are one of the friendliest bunch of musicians I've ever played with, I think everyone in the band spoke to me before or after the gig to thank me for depping.
  5. Simon_Horn

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    I think this view is indicative of why there is a steady decline in brass banding in this country. Surely there can’t be many on these forums who disagree that the steady decline we have seen in brass banding in this country can be attributed to the simple fact that bands have refused to change with the times and embrace new media opportunities.

    From what I see, promotion is exactly what this band is good at and we should all follow the lead and aim to make what we do more accessible instead of criticising the initiative. You may say that this type of self promotion is limited to specific interest websites - but it’s got to start somewhere! ...and frankly yes, I’d like aspiring young brass players to see this and think “wow, maybe I can do that if I put in the practice”.

    I’m really enjoying the clips and only wish they were a little longer. I think we should thank Black Dyke for putting in the time to do these.

  6. timps

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    Whilst I do find the clips a little cringworthy, the overal idea and innovation behind it is one I support fully.

    No doubt that Black Dyke are one of the best band in the world, why not use that to promote our movement.

    We are in hard times in the banding world, we at Flowers are forunate to have such a strong core of players that are in for the long haul and not any short term gain. We have vacancies, but only a couple, we are one of the lucky bands!
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    In MHO, Ok it isn't to everybody's taste and it may "rub" some people up the wrong way BUT they are probably the best band in the world right now and have a back room organisation to match.

    They are one of the few brass bands to exploit modern web technology to the full and that is because they are ran with a professional business like attitude.

    People often forget that at the top levels that half the battle is in the day to day running of the organisation not the players around the stand. You can have the best players but if Mickey Mouse is your band manager you're not going anywhere.

    I'm not a Dyke fan but in recent years they've left the other bands in their wake due to a solid organisation and business like approach. I don't think their website is that good BTW.

    My only real critique is that it should really be on their own website not on 4BR.

    Although sometimes I do wonder why 4BR don't change their domain name to "". Having now typed that it suddenly occurs to me why that may be the case. :biggrin:
  8. ericthered

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    BTW just to make it clear...I support BD in what they are doing. It is great to see a band being creative and entrepreneurial.

    If only they were more.

  9. Rapier

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    Thanks for bringing them to my attention. I had no idea they existed, and no I don't think they are awful. I think they are quite interesting and a good way to promote any band. Well done BD!
  10. John Brooks

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    I haven't been able to view the video's yet but have just read the three reviews on 4BarsRest.....there's no question how their performances are being received! I just look forward to their return to Toronto!!!!!!
  11. ian perks

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    I know a few players in Black Dyke Band and no way at all do they come across as bigheaded in anyway shape or form that goes for ALL YES ALL of the band.
    The bands conductor happens to be a very good friend of mine also his wife as well.
    Last year(October) i went up to hear the band in practise,i was made really welcome by them and had a chat to several players before practise,during the break and also after practise as well.
    I asked one player if i could have his autograph for a member of my band, he was more than happy to do this for me.
    They wished me all the very best and said i was more than welcome to go up anytime to hear them practise.
    To come on hear and slag the best band and the most famous off in the brass band movement is a DISGRACE and you sholud be ASHAMED of YOURSELF!!!!:ranting2:
  12. topbanana

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    I think that the videos are a really good idea, and not at all cringeworthy. I particularly like the idea of getting a tuba onto a motorbike!!

    Of the few 'big and important' players i've met, all have seemed pleasant and down to earth and not at all condescending.

    I say keep the videos coming. :clap:
  13. defnotsimon

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    Anyone doing anything will look like a tool to some people.

    Its all in the eye of the beholder.
  14. critic

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    HOW SMALL MINDEDYOU ARE. All we do is knock wonder the band movement is trated with disdain
  15. jrshimmon

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    I must admit a passing curiosity has lead to me watching all of the video blogs on the day they have come out. I must say technically the sound is a bit poor.

    I'd like to agree with those people that think the video blog is a good idea. Plus think how far we have come? We're now getting video from the other side of the world when before we would have been lucky to have got a postcard with 30 words on it! Wow!

    I think it's great that the Illustrious Black Dyke are willing to do this for rest of us. If they really that up themselves they wouldn't have bothered.
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  16. Aidan

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    I Think you need a new band :)
    not many of the players in top bands are afforded this luxury anymore!

    I managed to last around 20seconds of the first video, it IS complete cringe but at least they are still out there promoting the movement and utilising the 'modern' technology. There will always be people out there who will be relishing the chance to hang on every word said and to see an (albeit public-friendly :)) behind the scenes view of the band
  17. Aussie Tuba

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    I havn't sen any Video's But I did sit through their concert in Brisbane
    GREAT !!!

    What a fantastic Concert it was.

    Major Bands comming out to Australia doesn't happen enough in my opinion and judging by Sundays Full House I would not be alone with that Thought. The last major Band event was in 2005 with YBS.
  18. 08cbinns

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    G'day all!
  19. grandad

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    They are Sooooooooo Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeesey

    however they are in Australia and we are on the Mouthpiece.......:rolleyes:?

    fair one is as cringe worthy as "Mama Mia":biggrin:
  20. flugenrifter

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    Although I dont know any of the players personally from dyke I have been to a couple of their concerts, during which I listened to two hours Nick Childs chatting on about how good they are. I have been to concerts from other big bands such as Grimethorpe and Leyland and there is nowhere near the level of pure arrogance that radiates from Dyke. They definatly come accross as bigheaded and I dont feel "ASHAMED OF MYSELF" for not joining in the usual Black Dyke Lovefest.

    As for going down to the rehearsal for autographs, thats really sad.