Bill Shaw Slow Melody Contest

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    The Lochgelly band are pleased to announce details of its annual slow melody contest.

    This years contest takes place on Sunday 25th April in the 385 social club, Lochgelly. As in previous years the contest will be run in two sections. A junior section, open to players aged 16 and under on the day of the contest, and the open contest for which there is no age restriction. Entry forms for the contest can be downloaded from the band website at The closing date for entries is 18th April 2010.

    The contest was inaugurated in 2003 following the death of Lochgelly stalwart Bill Shaw. Bill always felt that solo contests were heavily biased towards very technically competent players, playing difficult pieces and did not accommodate players who played simpler pieces with feeling. It was his wish to run a solo contest for slow melody pieces only. The contest has been fortunate in the past to have attracted some of the best soloists in Scotland to compete for the Bill Shaw Memorial Trophy. We have also seen some of the best young talent compete in the junior section. We look forward to another successful contest this year and a fitting tribute the memory of Bill Shaw.
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