Big trombone event this weekend... come along!!

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  1. DanB

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    The BRITISH TROMBONE SOCIETY PRESENTS: A spectacular day of trombone music and playing, at Bury Church, Bury, Lancashire on Saturday 19th July 2008 from 10.00 am to 9.00 pm.

    The two themes of the day are:
    1) Contemporary music for trombone
    2) The trombone in the Brass Band.

    Artists confirmed include:
    Bob Hughes (Royal Academy of Music Trombone Professor)
    Brett Baker (Principal trombone of the Black Dyke Brass Band)
    The Stockport Brass (Formerly BT Band) Musical Director Michael Fowles
    Peter Moore Winner of the BBC Young Musician of the Year
    Stephen Sykes Principal Trombone of the Leyland Band
    Lorna MacDonald Bass Trombonist with Bones Apart
    Lisa Sarasini Principal Trombone of the Fairey Band
    Nicholas Hudson International Soloist
    The Black Dyke Band Trombone Quartet

    The programme for the day is as follows:
    10.00 am Introduction and massed trombone choir led by Bob Hughes
    11.00 am Brett Baker. Demonstration and discussion of Brass Band repertoire and new compositions.

    12.30 lunch
    1.15pm: Nick Hudson Recital / Workshop

    2.15pm Trombone Choir rehearsal
    3.30 pm: The Black Dyke Trombone Quartet
    4.30pm Trombone Choir rehearsal
    5.30pm "The Bass Trombone" a workshop with Lorna MacDonald

    7.00 pm Concert. Brett Baker, Stockport Brass (formerly BT) conducted by Michael Fowles. Featuring Peter Moore, Lorna Macdonald, Stephen Sykes and Lisa Sarasini.

    Admission to the workshops and daytime events is free to BTS members and £10 to non members.

    Tickets for the evening concert available on the door at £5 for all.
    There will be a number of trade stands present with instruments, sheet music and CDs to try and buy.

    The Black Dyke trombone Quartet will feature pieces from a new CD entitled "Fly me to the Moon", Nicholas Hudson who needs no introduction as a soloist will perform a recital of new works, and Lorna Macdonald will take part in a workshop introducing music for the bass trombone. Bob Hughes will lead the trombone choir with rehearsals throughout the day and any participants will have an opportunity to play through solos with a pianist, Fenella Howarth-Smith too. In the evening concert Peter Moore, the new Young Musician of the year, will feature in a new piece by Rob Wiffin entitled Shout and an arrangement for brass band of the well known Larsson Concertino. Stephen Sykes will play the Basta by Foke Rabe and Brasilia a popular solo composed by Robin Dewhurst. Brett Baker will play Concertinos by Roy Newsome (who attends Bury Church) and Johan Evenepoel from Belgium, which will be a UK premier, as well as introducing new music for soloists in a workshop during the day. Lisa Sarasini will perform a brand new piece by Gavin Higgins entitled Freaks that receives its second UK performance during the BTS day. The trio to be performed is by James McFaddyn and is entitled Everyday Light and has been recently recorded by Brett Baker and the Polysteel Band.
  2. DobX Dave

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    Pity you did not post this earlier (only two days before the event) ~ as I know my son and a few of his chums would have gone.

    Hope you and whoever goes enjoy themselves !
  3. DanB

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    I know - apologies... one of those annoying situations where 'work' commitments / day job got in the way of the real world and I ended up away from home all week with no access to PC. Hopefully there'll be a good turn out though, and will endeavour to flag things up earlier in future.
  4. Hells Bones

    Hells Bones Active Member

    I didn't find out about this til Wednesday.

    Was quite annoyed as Bury is easy for me to get to.

    Only I am babysitting my nephew now....
  5. Mike Saville

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    :-? :-? I thought you would have seen it HT7? The details have been on the BTS site for weeks . . .
  6. Cheeto

    Cheeto New Member

    Did anyone attend ? How did it go ?

  7. DanB

    DanB Member

    Bury was too far for me to attend, but I had a brief update from the organisers: "A very good day at Bury, some wonderful playing and quite a reasonable crowd."

    Also, to flag up quite a bit earlier than this time, here are some dates for your diaries:
    The next two events are on Sunday 28th September at Wells School and 5th October at Oundle School. More details to follow but they will both be advertised in the BTS magazine and on the BTS web. And on this website if I get my act together!!
  8. Queenie

    Queenie Member

    it was a good day anyway :)
  9. Space Cowboy

    Space Cowboy Member

    Was an excellent day and thanks to the BTS, Bob and Brett in particular for organising such a good event especially as it was only 10 mins down the road from where I live.

    All the featured performers were excellent but the highlight of the event for me was Lisa Sarasini playing a fantastic new solo called Freaks.

    Queenie - if it was you in the masterclass with Nick Hudson - well done

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