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    My sons wedding at St Oswalds Church, Methley was a wonderfull occasion and one of the happiest and proudest days of my life, and was made much more special thanks to the superb playing by Kippax Band. It was obvious that the whole programme was very well rehearsed and the pieces played with the emotion required by the setting/occasion.
    I don't want to pick out individuals too much, as the thing that most impressed was the big, warm sound that was so rich and moving I could feel the emotion in the air! My sister would not look at me for fear of breaking down completely, my brother in-law cried through every single piece and hymn and even my gnarled old bass partner from our old days at Imps - George Button was seen shedding a tear during I'll walk with God.

    Special mention must go however to John and Sams superb playing of Pie Jesu during the signing of the register, no players could have done a better job.
    It's over 24 hours on now and we are still buzzing with excitement after a great couple of days and so many people have said how special the church service was, thanks in no small part to my friends at Kippax.

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